Super Serum Secret: Captain America is half-Asgardian and Thor’s cousin

A new fan theory has come up that the serum which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America has a secret connection with Thor.

Fans join petition to give this man an Oscar

Iron Man was the hero of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and fans think he deserves more than he got. An online petition is out and about to get Robert Downey Jr an Oscar. Fans were so intrigued with Robert Downey Jr’s performance…

Iron Man returns to the MCU sooner than expected

Black Widow is expected to release on 1st May 2020. It looks like we will see Iron Man returning to Marvel Cinematic

Thanos met his Endgame, but his ship still sails with purpose

After the Avengers: Endgame, Thanos ship is still kicking in the future timeline. To this, the marvel fans have got a potential

Avengers: Endgame can land at least 5 Oscar nominations, but would be lucky to win even one

Does Avengers: Endgame deserve plaudits at the Oscars solely because of its Box-Office record? Moreover, does global fandom automatically ascertain that it’s a cinematic masterpiece?

Thor joins Aquaman to fight a common enemy: Plastic

Thor saved the world by helping defeat Thanos. But now, the actor is getting more and more concerned about Aquaman’s world…

James Cameron is planning FOUR Avatar sequels, all thanks to Avengers: Endgame

James Cameron recently broke his silence over the upcoming project of Avatar 2. It’s been over a decade since Cameron’s Avatar broke

The Split of Phoenix Force and Vicious X-Men vs Avengers

The final showdown between the two largest teams of Marvel, we see no bargains being made. Starting where we left off, Avengers, X Men and the entire planet Earth is in trouble. We are facing a massive threat to our…

Did Supervillain Thanos have more integrity than all Avengers combined?

Welcome to DKODING Thanos!! The primary focus of this article is to figure out whether Thanos is good or evil by understanding his personality traits? The big-purple-headed guy who is mostly inferred as a monster and Earth’s biggest villain by…

Avengers worst to best of Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded in a variety of ways since the dawn of the official first movie, “The Incredible Hulk”. They have since made numerous movies and introduced countless characters. Some of them, they didn’t take a second…