The ‘Kamala Harris Effect’ On Joe Biden’s India Policy — What Experts Expect

Indians couldn’t contain their glee when Kamala Harris was nominated as the Democrat Vice-Presidential candidate alongside Joe Biden. Harris has Indian-Jamaican roots, and is the first woman of Indian-origin to be a nominee for the office of Vice-President. But it doesn’t end there; the Joe Biden Presidential package seems to have a lot more to offer India.

Trump Or Biden — The Furor Counts More Than The Elections

A butterfly flaps its wings in the US and, some poor farmer in a distant part of the world can now send his children to school. Or maybe he loses his access to the local market. What happens in the US impacts the rest of the world, whether the effects are intentional or otherwise.

Leaked Biden-Poroshenko Tapes Is A Plot With Too Many Holes

Even if Russia is behind the leaked Biden-Poroshenko tapes, Kremlin’s latest ploy to scandalize US Electoral politics is likely to fall short in its objective.

Trump Creates Secret Watchlist To Snoop On Millions Of Americans — Without A Warrant

Trump’s new and expansive secret national security watchlist gives the US government authority to snoop on Americans and collect information even when there is no proof of a crime or intent to commit a crime…

Trump’s Obamagate Gambit To Hit Biden Is Bound To Boomerang

President Donald Trump has unleashed a serious charge of corruption against his predecessor Barack Obama, trying to stir up an Obamagate controversy when chips are down with less than six months to go for the presidential election. The strategy in this attack is clear.

Democrats Still Backing #MeToo Biden Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy

Joe Biden’s sexual assault accusation exposes hypocrite liberals; will Democrats have the guts to remove him?

Osama Bin Laden’s Ghost Haunts Joe Biden Before 2020 US Elections

Osama Bin Laden’s Skeleton Speaks from Joe Biden’s Closet