What Trump’s Lawsuits Mean For Biden’s Presidency

President Donald Trump isn’t afraid of a legal battle, given that he’s been involved in 3,500 of them.

Trump Loses Patience With Endless Pandemic Talk

USA saw a record one day rise of more than 75,000 cases on July 17. Asked about this, Trump shrugged and attributed the high numbers to increased nation-wide testing. Trump claimed that the scale of testing outmatched any other nation, and that the USA was the ‘envy’ of the world.

The Strongman Seeking Re-Election: Startling Similarities Between Trump & Modi

As Trump prepares for his upcoming re-election in November 2020, the similarities between his actions and those of Narendra Modi in the run-up to his own re-election in May 2019 – which he won with a thumping majority – are too many to ignore.

Biden Shoots From His Basement While Trump Defends America

77-year-old Biden has spent half a century traveling across the US, hugging and backslapping supporters. In the biggest election of his life, he’s more or less a YouTuber in a basement.

Dangerous: Joe Biden’s Chinese Conflict Of Interest That Trump Will Exploit

Joe Biden’s beloved son Hunter Biden inevitably steals the limelight each time his statesman father garners it. But not in a good way.

Biden-Sanders Plot To Oust Trump From White House In November

Vice President Joe Biden’s path to being the Democrat hopeful in November is clear, and happenings increasingly indicate he may have chosen his partner for the White House.

Democrats’ Futile Impeachment Bid: Why Trump will remain in Office

The ongoing constitutional clash over the allegations being exchanged by the Democrats and Republicans on impeaching President Trump by insinuating him in the Ukraine scandal will prove futile. Here’s why.

Haphazard Biden or Methodical Warren: Who’s better at Trade?

Democrats Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are the potential candidates that may contest the upcoming US Presidential elections of 2020, but who has a better approach to trade?

Another allegation, another denial: Trump’s MeToo list is now at 22

The focus has just shifted to another charge of sexual assault which makes it 22 women who have come out alleging sexual assault by US President Donald Trump.

US Presidential Elections 2020 – The Front Runners and the Gameplan

The race to become the next President of the United States is on. Who are the major contenders and who are the outsiders – know the nominees.