Does Monogamy Still Exist?

Here are some of the unique strengths of non-monogamous relationships

Music during sex could give you a better climax

Music during sex is surely a wonder formula. Imagine you watching a set up for sex scenes on the big screen.

Sleep Could Make Your Sex Life Better

When you haven’t had proper sleep, it is in the natural that you will feel a little groggy. Itchy eyes, confused and foggy-headed.

Masaba Gupta: Indian Pride And The Caribbean Heart

Masaba Gupta is a highly approachable fashion designer, who has also used social media smartly. she proudly wears her distinctiveness.

Ba Ba Pink Sheep?

So black is out and pink is in! Did they just go to the salon? My kid will now have to relearn the nursery rhyme! You might like these You Copy Cat… No, I mean Dog How to train your…

A Rare Spherical Cloud like a Dandellion appeared In The Sky Over Japan

If you can’t spot a spacecraft, then an alien looking cloud will do According to the photographer who clicked the cloud, the soon as it was photographed, and then rapidly faded into the sky as if it never cloud started…

Men a synonym for ladies

Damn the English dictionary. We will make up our own rules. Ladies means men too. Let the British follow our English. Men a synonym for ladies

Where there is a will, there are 3 ways!

All the roads lead to this place. We Indians are good at finding short cuts. The road with 2 kms- must be through the mustard fields.

Trump vetoed after rejection of border wall emergency

US President Trump issues first veto over rejection of border wall emergency US President Donald Trump on Friday issued his first veto rejecting as “dangerous” and “reckless” congressional resolution of his emergency declaration and asserted that Americans would be “put…

Donald Trump: Don’t see white nationalism as a rising threat

Don’t see white nationalism a rising threat, says Trump US President Donald Trump on Friday said that he did not see a rise in white nationalism across the world after the accused in the New Zealand mosque terror attack  called…

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