Ladies Here’s Why You Need To Stop Faking Orgasms

Fake orgasms do no good to anyone. Neither, it satisfies you as you are focused on making fake noises rather than enjoying your way to heavenly orgasms; nor does it help your partner learn about what you actually need to…

Did you know you might be in a toxic relationship

BUT when they exceed the limits of stress that is not bearable, they negatively impact your career, friendships and most importantly your mental health. Although it is shown as very easy to identify toxic love in movies, in real life this toxicity isn’t that obvious.

Why do women fall for A**HOLES?

Let’s just accept it. We have all been attracted to the bad boys more than once in our lives.

Secrets to deal with decreased interest in sex

Female sex drive can often change with change in age. Lack of interest and decreased enjoyment are two major complaints associated with this change. Before you blame your hormonal fluctuation for these changes, you should appreciate the undeniable mind-body connection that directly influences your sexuality.

Relationship mistakes Women must avoid

Be it the New Year season or not, but the festive feeling always lurking in the air around us. And then amidst all it suddenly dawns upon you, it’s the new year.

Sex & Alcohol ‘Dangerous Combination’

You still want to enjoy sex but no level of foreplay is helping.

Millennial Couples Are Demanding Pure And Erotic Pleasures!

Millennials are a great example of how to live a life that’s yours and is not influenced by the traditional methods – charted out by the society for people to follow and live by.

Does Monogamy Still Exist?

Here are some of the unique strengths of non-monogamous relationships

Sleep Could Make Your Sex Life Better

When you haven’t had proper sleep, it is in the natural that you will feel a little groggy. Itchy eyes, confused and foggy-headed.

Masaba Gupta: Indian Pride And The Caribbean Heart

Masaba Gupta is a highly approachable fashion designer, who has also used social media smartly. she proudly wears her distinctiveness.

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