From Prince To Prick: Sings You Are Dating A Serial Cheater!

Should have I seen it coming? Or was my partner a pro at cheating that even FBI couldn’t catch him doing the dirty? Was this the truth?

I Had Sex With My Best Friend And Then…

It sounds like a dream and fantasy comes true to have a friend with benefits who you can just canoodle with and have no commitments what so ever.

9 SECRETS OF ‘Lady-Love’

People often happily have discussions in detail about their sex lives. Despite this, the taboo of lesbian sex still continues to prevail.
Unlike straight men and gay men, lesbians do not have a dong and this seemingly causes a lot of confusion among people as to what lesbians actually do.

Orgasm Guaranteed: Finger Your Woman To A Mind-Numbing Climax?

We accept it. It’s not easy to bring your girl to the pleasure town with just two fingers. But it’s not impossible either. It might seem like you would need years of practice, meditation in Himalayans and sacrifice of three…

Why I Am Perpetually Horny?

Have you ever sat down and thought that why i am so horny, we will give you the reasons Perhaps you have been this way as long as you remember, and you feel somewhat self-conscious about it. Or a recent…

Here’s Why Loud Sex Is Not Always Good Sex

We have all seen it. Movies, books, and shows have all depicted one thing: women being loud and vocal during sex.

Weird Thoughts That Cross A Woman’s Mind After Sex

Have you ever wondered what women usually think about after sex? I mean, the deed is done and hopefully

Here’s Why Women Need Twice As Much Sex As Men

Hey hey there. A shocking revelation that is not so shocking has come to our attention. Did you know that women need twice

Why Are M!LFs The Ultimate Object Of Male Sexual Fantasy!

Why a MILF is desired by so many men?Here are the top ten reasons:

How To Make Your Women Squirt?

Squirting is when fluid comes jetting out of a woman’s vagina, often accompanying oh-gasmm.

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