Make The Most Out Of A Quickie

There are many ways to get a lot of pleasure out of quickies, and these tips will ensure that any couple will get the most out of their alone sexy-time together.

9 SECRETS OF ‘Lady-Love’

People often happily have discussions in detail about their sex lives. Despite this, the taboo of lesbian sex still continues to prevail.
Unlike straight men and gay men, lesbians do not have a dong and this seemingly causes a lot of confusion among people as to what lesbians actually do.

7 reasons why sexless relationships don’t last

While some people say sex is an important part of a relationship, while others say you can make it work without it. Here is the truth behind sexless relationships.

Pheromones – the fragrance of sex

Pheromone! Is it a magic potion…a lotion or just a fragrant notion? Some even say that love pairs are sprinkled with this magical mist! But then, we’re still stuck at, ‘what are pheromones exactly?’

How to finger your girl to a mind-numbing climax?

We accept it. It’s not easy to bring your girl to the pleasure town with just two fingers. But it’s not impossible either. It might seem like you would need years of practice, meditation in Himalayans and sacrifice of three…

No Bull-Sh!t ways to survive a long distance relationship

What’s common between long distance relationship and a guy in bed? – Both of them are hard. Only reactions people tend to give when you tell them you are in a long distance relationship is “It will not work”, “You…

LGBTQ stereotypes you need to stop believing

It’s not your fault (Or maybe it is a little) but stereotyping rainbow people is a sin you better not commit. (Or else….we will educate you politely. Duh! We are awesome that way) If we get a dollar for every…

Disadvantages of being well endowed

The bigger the better may not always be true. This is especially accurate for the size of your manhood. We mostly hear how having big junk is matter of pride and how having thick package helps you get laid within…

How to have sex during periods?

Period sex is like having a subway sandwich. It’s messy but it can be delicious too! Even though periods are normal and sex is too, but the idea of combining them both makes most women run to an isolated room…

Why friends with benefits is anything but benefits

It sounds like a dream and fantasy comes true to have an Eff buddy who you can just canoodle with and have no commitments what so ever. In fact, it is just exactly that- ‘only a dream’. Cause reality hits…