The Oral Sex Gap: What You Want v/s What You Get!

Men love women’s bodies, men love making love to women’s bodies.Why is there a huge gap in oral sex expectations and reality?

Cock Ring: If You Like It You Should Put A Ring On It

So you keep hearing people talking about cock rings, but not really sure what do they do or why should you use one?

Water Masturbation: How To Flick The Bean In The Stream?

If masturbation has become a little monotonous for you, it is time to take advantage of the tips we give in your shower time

Muffing: Everything You Need To Know About Sex With A Transgender

Okay! So may be time did not forget it, but not everyone is always aware of it. Muffing sex is the main thing that people talk about when it comes to how to have sex with Trans women. And I…

Ladies! Are You Using Your Dildo In The Right Way?

Dildos are one of the most traditional, most widely used and owned sex toys on the market. From rubber to glass,

Electro Sex: Try It At Your Own Risk

If you are not familiar with the electro sex play, you might be thinking: “Wait a minute. When I see electro sex devices

Caution: Anal Sex Mistakes To Watch Out For

Anal sex can be a pleasurable experience for both partners if there is honest communication and the right amount of preparation

Here’s Why Loud Sex Is Not Always Good Sex

We have all seen it. Movies, books, and shows have all depicted one thing: women being loud and vocal during sex.

Weird Thoughts That Cross A Woman’s Mind After Sex

Have you ever wondered what women usually think about after sex? I mean, the deed is done and hopefully

Here’s Why Women Need Twice As Much Sex As Men

Hey hey there. A shocking revelation that is not so shocking has come to our attention. Did you know that women need twice

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