Lilly Allen enters the market of toys not meant for kids

British Pop Singer Lily Allen has raised the eyebrows by revealing her plans of launching her own line of

What If Your Man Turns You On With A ‘Remote Control?’

This one revolutionary toy that you should definitely know about because you haven’t tried a vibe-ra-turr that syncs with your favourite tunes and music then you’re totally missing out!

10 Celebrities who revealed their love for ‘love toys’

These celebrities get real about their sexual desires and don’t hide the fact that they have a toy hidden in their underwear drawer just like the rest of us.

What your woman wants from you in bed

Well, we actually do know beyond what this article will tell you. But this page, in particular, will tell you what you need to do to your lady friend in bed. Whether it be today or tomorrow, women are always going to be glad whenever you do it to them.

What your zodiac sign says about the love toy you should use

Regardless of what you think about astrology, the stars and all of us are undeniably made of the same elements. The stars have an effect on everything.

The ultimate love toys guide

You know the awfully shaped toys made for adults to get sexual pleasure? Yope, today we are gonna talk about them. You are welcome. Women’s love toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, smell, functions, choices,…

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