How To Suck A Small Dick?

Whether you are a size queen or an equal opportunity penis-lover, it is worthwhile to know how to give oral sex to a small penis.

Oh My My I Love When You Eat My Ass

I was new to Tinder and needless to say initially apprehensive. If i should upload my origional profile picture or not! I didnt know i was going to experience mindblowing ass eating and f*cking. Oh My My…It was simply great.…

Gentlemen! Here’s How You Can Make Your Semen Taste Better!

For most men, a woman going down on them is their first fantasy once they reach the age of sexual exploration. But then they realise that unlike porn, most of us ladies wouldn’t dare do this job for you.

Sure Shot Ways To Make Your Vagina Tighter!

I don’t want a tighter vagina! Said no woman ever. Literally every woman out there just wants one thing and are the most conscious about, their glorious vaginas. So we got you covered by these ways to make your vagina…

From Prince To Prick: Sings You Are Dating A Serial Cheater!

Should have I seen it coming? Or was my partner a pro at cheating that even FBI couldn’t catch him doing the dirty? Was this the truth?

What Happens When You’re Sex Deprived

Everyone has gone through a dry spell a few times in their lifetime. But how do you know that this drought wouldn’t ultimately kill you?

So You Thought You Knew Everything About Sex? Think Again!

Although sex is normalized, we’re still have tons of myths about it, and being here, they need to be busted. Here are some sex facts!

My Partner Wants Me To Call Him Daddy During Sex, Is That Ageplay?

When your partner had openly confessed an interest of being into the ageplay fetish, you were probably very confused.

The Best Way To End A Fight Is Steamy Makeup Sex

The best part of arguing is what comes after—makeup sex is so good it could heal all wounds. Makeup sex is the best way to maintain

When It Comes To Sex: Is Bigger Always Better?

Penis size varies and matters — oh, yes, it does. And yet I had no idea that penises ranged in sizes until I started working in the sex industry!

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