Here’s Why Loud Sex Is Not Always Good Sex

We have all seen it. Movies, books, and shows have all depicted one thing: women being loud and vocal during sex.

What Does The Way You Give Head Say About You?

BlowJobs not only tell your partner how your mouth game is, but also reveals a lot about your personality type. Let your tongue do the talking.

How Porn Has Ruined The Blowjob Game Forever!

Blow job. Disneyland for men. Not exactly the same for women, though. The ever-popular porn industry has glorified blow jobs.

Attention Gentlemen! Wanna Know What Your Woman Is Thinking During Sex?

There are a lot of weird thoughts that go on in our mind during sex. From the mundane to the exciting, nothing can stop the flow of thoughts in our brain, not even sex. Sex is a fun, relaxing and…

How Long Should Sex Last According To Women?

Have you ever wondered how long sex should last?

My Husband Wants Me To Pee On Him!! Is That Normal?

A golden shower fetish is when someone pees on someone else as part of a sexual act. Yes, its counted as sex in most cases.

How Many Sexual Partners Are Too Many Sexual Partners?

Honestly, it shouldn’t matter and the only person who should ever ask you this is your gynecologist. That is if you’re in trouble down there.

Why Are M!LFs The Ultimate Object Of Male Sexual Fantasy!

Why a MILF is desired by so many men?Here are the top ten reasons:

Things Men Wish Women Knew About Blowjobs

By the end of this awesome read, you will be left with enlightening knowledge that will leave your man wondering if you’re a goddess or a child born with unprecedented skills and talents.

How Is Tribbing Redefining Female Orgasms?

Tribbing basically refers to the act of two females having sex. Then what is scissoring?

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