Weird Thoughts That Cross A Woman’s Mind After Sex

Have you ever wondered what women usually think about after sex? I mean, the deed is done and hopefully

10 Signs you are a sex addict

Sex Addict! Sex on your mind 24/7? Your libido levels are off the roof? You are down to eff anyone anywhere?

How are Taureans in Bed?

Taureans in Bed! Grabbing this bull by the horns in bed is not an easy task. You need patience and practice to get them roaring in bed.

Ladies Here’s Why You Need To Stop Faking Orgasms

Fake orgasms do no good to anyone. Neither, it satisfies you as you are focused on making fake noises rather than enjoying your way to heavenly orgasms; nor does it help your partner learn about what you actually need to…

10 Ways To Have Sex When Its That Time Of The Month

Even though periods are normal and sex is too, but the idea of combining them both makes most women run to an isolated room

This is how much SEX should you be having

So how much sex is healthy sex? Can a subjective question like this be answered objectively? Is there really a number you can apply to get guaranteed happiness?

Music could make your orgasm better

Music during sex is surely a wonder formula. Imagine you watching a set up for sex scenes on the big screen.

Hollywood celebs you didn’t know were pansexuals

Having your birth-sex define your sexuality was a thing of the past. (Probably before big bang because humans have been effing up everything and everyone since their origin)

G-SPOT: The Mysterious Hidden Treasure

Just like the Bermuda triangle, the mystery behind G-spot has also turned many heads and boggled scientists about its existence for years.

How to go from one night stand to happily ever after?

Booty calls are all fun and games until feelings arise and you find yourself in that dreaded grey area. When this happens, rather than launch

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