Orgasm Guaranteed: Finger Your Woman To A Mind-Numbing Climax?

We accept it. It’s not easy to bring your girl to the pleasure town with just two fingers. But it’s not impossible either. It might seem like you would need years of practice, meditation in Himalayans and sacrifice of three…

Your hair can tell how much you masturb*te

Ever wondered how good is your playtime is, solo or dual, when compared to other people around the world?

7 Ways To Tell You’re Being Used

Balance is always essential in maintaining healthy ties with another person or building a healthy relationship. You should always be receiving just as much as you’re giving.

Justin Bieber shares another splashy clip from ‘I Don’t Care’

Justin Bieber has shared a peppy clip of his upcoming music video ‘I Don’t Care.’ Bieber took to his Twitter handle to share the short clip and tweeted, “New video is happening. I don’t care.” The video features the ‘Baby’…

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