10 Sleeping Positions For The Lovers

Picture yourself in bed, about to drift off to sleep. What position are you in? What about your partner? Are you cuddling on opposite sides of the bed? So entangled that it’s hard to breathe?

What Women Want Men To Know

I really don’t get it why men think women are so difficult to understand. Yes, we can say one thing and and mean absolutely the other, but, we’re not that complicated to figure out. (Once you put your heart and mind to it)

An Affair With A Married Man

Men…they are everywhere when you want one. And, all you could find is a married one? Why lady? An affair with a married man could be rather tricky and complicated as it can seem and it maybe it could get a lot worse.

6 Steps to be a pro stalker on social media

There is nothing wrong when you want to stalk someone on social media or you want to know more about that person. Social media can actually help you a lot in knowing someone better, especially when you are in a dating world.

How to stop hating someone who hurt you

Have you ever hated someone so much you just can’t get them out of your head? And, so much that you’d rather water a cactus if they’d be dying of thirst!

7 reasons why sexless relationships don’t last

While some people say sex is an important part of a relationship, while others say you can make it work without it. Here is the truth behind sexless relationships.

8 Things men do that will drive a woman to cheat

Most women aren’t programmed to simply drop their pants for any hot piece of ass that crosses their path. Especially, if they’re in a truly satisfying relationship. They know that there’s too much to lose and that adultery is just not worth it

Pheromones – the fragrance of sex

Pheromone! Is it a magic potion…a lotion or just a fragrant notion? Some even say that love pairs are sprinkled with this magical mist! But then, we’re still stuck at, ‘what are pheromones exactly?’

Top 10 signs you’re getting dumped

Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings ever especially when you don’t see it coming. There is no handbook or guide to getting dumped but there are some signs that point towards an impending breakup.

10 Types of dates men hate

Men, they can be a real pain in the…you know where. But most of the time men can be real sweethearts who’d never want to hurt your feelings. Admit it, planning a date can take in a lot of efforts and he knows that. But ladies, a yoga date? Like seriously, that does not sound like fun at all!