How To Have An Amazing One Night Stand?

One night stands may sound like a walk in the park but if not done right they can be chaotic, confusing and complications will arise

10 Ways To Have Sex When Its That Time Of The Month

Even though periods are normal and sex is too, but the idea of combining them both makes most women run to an isolated room

How to enjoy sex with a man who has a small d*ck?

Size matters and that what all of us are made to believe. Most of us tend to think that a small sized penis, in going to be a big let down in bed.

6 Steps to be a pro stalker on social media

There is nothing wrong when you want to stalk someone on social media or you want to know more about that person. Social media can actually help you a lot in knowing someone better, especially when you are in a dating world.

How to stop hating someone who hurt you

Have you ever hated someone so much you just can’t get them out of your head? And, so much that you’d rather water a cactus if they’d be dying of thirst!

7 reasons why sexless relationships don’t last

While some people say sex is an important part of a relationship, while others say you can make it work without it. Here is the truth behind sexless relationships.

8 Things men do that will drive a woman to cheat

Most women aren’t programmed to simply drop their pants for any hot piece of ass that crosses their path. Especially, if they’re in a truly satisfying relationship. They know that there’s too much to lose and that adultery is just not worth it

All you need to know about expiry of makeup products

As much as you love that one lipstick that you’ve been stingy about using all these years, we hate to break it to you that it might make you look nice and everything but that old stuff comes with an expiry date and it needs to get out of your pretty collection right now.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Diet secret – Pizzasss…!

As trendy as she is, Vanessa is all about that sparkle and style. She makes sure everything around her is in the latest trend, and this counts her diet too – intermittent fasting and keto.

Kate Hudson’s secret weight loss weapon

Weight loss and dieting, the ideal combination that never goes right with a foodie, let alone hitting goals for a week. While, Kate Hudson here, sets a goal to lose 25 kgs. (And I’m still struggling to avoid cupcakes just for a day)

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