David and Victoria Beckhams’ Relationship Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Beckham’s relationship is one of the most talked-about in the world. Being one of the most high profile couples in the world, with their entire relationship on display.

I Am A Married Woman And I Love Watching Porn

Porn has been blamed for everything. Right from a failed marriage, sexual dysfunction and even ruined several careers. We as women have been told porn consumption is, if not the same then more toxic and damaging as drug abuse.

Why being an empath is a blessing in disguise

Relationships are difficult to manage all on their own, being an empath can be a tasking thing for you. While feeling and thinking about everything that your partner is thinking and feeling.

Soulmates – Are you made for each other?

You could have met your soul-mate yesterday or years ago. That doesn’t always mean you are sure that it is the case.

5 tips to make spooning more intimate with your partner

Cuddling has health benefits and you can do it even better! Who knew there were so many intimate ways to enjoy your partner’s company in bed?

10 American Presidents who have had quite a reputation

The biggest democracy is getting ready for elections in 2020. It’s time to remember some mistakes. Let us remember the Presidents who ruined the country before the current Commander-in-qu*ef. Woodrow Wilson This probably comes as a shock to most people…

A dive into the history of condoms that’ll leave you baffled

Everything you are used to having today has a history, even the latex things a guy puts around his p*nis before a steamy workout session. Condoms have a long twisted history and here it is. You probably never thought of…

11 Unanswered sex questions

You and everybody you know has more than a few questions about sex that remain unanswered. You could have many sexual interactions and still have questions about it. Sex remains a stigmatised topic. The questions it leaves behind are curious…

Is it ok to flirt when you are in a committed relationship?

Attention is a human need. But do you think flirting is a breach of your partners trust?

What your zodiac sign says about the love toy you should use

Regardless of what you think about astrology, the stars and all of us are undeniably made of the same elements. The stars have an effect on everything.

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