How To Have An Amazing One Night Stand?

One night stands may sound like a walk in the park but if not done right they can be chaotic, confusing and complications will arise

8 Ways To Amp Up Your Sexting Game

There is nothing wrong with Sexting. Just don’t be a di*k about it. Love notes and love letters are the things of the past. These days sexting is the new way of showing affection which comes with a higher risk…

This is how much SEX should you be having

So how much sex is healthy sex? Can a subjective question like this be answered objectively? Is there really a number you can apply to get guaranteed happiness?

This is how you should seduce your partner

Seduction is an art. While some try too hard to be pro at it, others are naturally smooth in this art and can have people craving for them with just one look.

Why do women fall for A**HOLES?

Let’s just accept it. We have all been attracted to the bad boys more than once in our lives.

69 is the worst sex position ever!

69, is one the most talked about and the most overhyped position in the world of sex and pleasure.

The Horrors Of Dating A Mama’s Boy

Imagine…only imagine! You had a really rough day and so did he. But you know how terrible it feels, and you come back home to cook his favourite meal even when you didn’t feel like moving a single toe. You set the table and sit down to enjoy the meal that you managed to battle out after a long day.

Are You A Sapiosexual? Find Out For Yourself!

Well, the simplest way to define a sapiosexual is any person who admits that they’re attracted to another person’s intelligence more than anything else.

The Do’s and Don’t for a perfect first date

The idea of that first date can be haunting, but with these right tips, your first dates will be downright stunning!

No Bull-Sh!t ways to survive a long distance relationship

What’s common between long distance relationship and a guy in bed? – Both of them are hard. Only reactions people tend to give when you tell them you are in a long distance relationship is “It will not work”, “You…

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