Sexy Ways to Dominate Your Man In Bed

Take hold of the reins my dear and get ready to take the wild ride. Its time you put your foot down. (Among other things). Research show men do love when their lover gets out of the shy cocoons and do nasty to them. Get down and dirty with these nasty ways we are DKODING for you.

Play Truth and Dare! For Example- Watching Others Have Sex & More…

Dirty truth and dare is the all-new rave this sex-o-season, it’s been a while since you and your partner ask some questions together right?

Ring-Ring, A Dirty Thing – Phone sex (Aahs and Oohs)

You know when that hotline bling-That can only mean one thing ‘PHONE SEX’ : DRAKE Real sex might be the bomb but sometimes, it’s just not possible. You are in a long distance relationship or maybe you just want to spice…

This is how much SEX should you be having

So how much sex is healthy sex? Can a subjective question like this be answered objectively? Is there really a number you can apply to get guaranteed happiness?

Having A Dog Equals To More Sex! Go Get One

Just when you thought the world of dating apps could not get any more confusing, a new and utterly annoying trend enters

From Prince To Prick: Sings You Are Dating A Serial Cheater!

Should have I seen it coming? Or was my partner a pro at cheating that even FBI couldn’t catch him doing the dirty? Was this the truth?

Dive In to Last Longer In Bed

The duration of sex largely depends on men (Oh the mighty pressure). A research has shown that around 45 percent of men ejaculate within two

Sex With An Ex: Here’s How You Can Move On From That Disaster

Breakups are messy and it’s even tougher to be around ‘somebody that you used to know’. But imagine the nightmare of having sex with an, ex.

How To Have An Amazing One Night Stand?

One night stands may sound like a walk in the park but if not done right they can be chaotic, confusing and complications will arise

8 Ways To Amp Up Your Sexting Game

There is nothing wrong with Sexting. Just don’t be a di*k about it. Love notes and love letters are the things of the past. These days sexting is the new way of showing affection which comes with a higher risk…

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