Beyond Chandrayaan 2: ISRO’s future space missions

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) will not have time to scrutinize the failure of Chandrayaan 2 Vikram lander and Pragyan rover. It has as many as 8 major future space missions planned over the next decade.

Lessons on Parenting & Teachings from Chandrayaan 2 Landing

Chandrayaan 2 Landing Lessons. Appreciate the process. That’s what the nation is doing today. We are seeing the hardwork of the scientists…

NASA is racing 12 times faster to the moon: Can ISRO catch up?

NASA is gushing towards clinching the title of ‘first woman on moon.’ A few more years will seal the deal..Chandrayaan 2 lost communication…

Proud of ISRO! DKODING Chandrayaan 2 and other High-Profile Scietific Moon Landing Adventures

Apart from ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2, there were many incidents of moon mission failure in the history. Here we are mentioning few of them including the first attempted by United States.

Chandrayaan 2: How Bollywood is making ISRO part of Pop Culture?

Since morning, Twitter and Instagram are flooded with Bollywood celebs’ wishes for ISRO. Since no other nation

Chandrayaan 2 Lander Whereabouts: What’s ISRO’s next step?

After ISRO lost communication with Chandrayaan 2’s lunar module Vikram Lander, its current challenge is to find its whereabouts and the fate of Vikram Lander.

Sonia Gandhi hails ISRO for ‘incredible and praiseworthy efforts’

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday applauded the entire team of space scientists and researchers at Indian Space Research

PM Modi motivates disappointed scientists after they lost communication with Vikram Lander

Scientists at ISRO lost communication with the Vikram Lanader when it was about 2.1 Kms from surface of the moon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated scientists for their efforts. He also motivated them when all the scientists got disappointed after communications were lost.

Chandrayaan-2: Communication lost with Vikram Lander at 2.1 km from lunar surface

Communication was lost with Vikram Lander at 2.1 km from lunar surface, data is being analysed. ISRO Chief K Sivan has briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the status of landing of Vikram Lander on the Southern Pole of the moon.

Did Chandrayaan 2 Crash? ’15 Minutes of Terror’ Before Landing on the Moon

Chandrayaan-2 successfully performed its second de-orbiting maneuver and will enter the ’15 minutes of Terror’ tomorrow.

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