It’s that time of the year peeps when chai becomes a little lest favored and nimbu-soda is available almost everywhere. Taps give out boiling water, showers make you sweat. Umbrellas come out to give your sunscreen company, suede shoes and sweatshirts get packed away.

All you need to know about expiry of makeup products

As much as you love that one lipstick that you’ve been stingy about using all these years, we hate to break it to you that it might make you look nice and everything but that old stuff comes with an expiry date and it needs to get out of your pretty collection right now.

Micellar Water – the secret that was let loose!

There are makeup removers and then there’s washing your face with crazy foams and then comes a saviour and we call it, micellar water. It might sound all jazzy and pricey, but this one is actually pretty simple.

Jade Rollers – the secret to skin perfection infinity

I remember when I was a kid, my mother kept a clean metal spoon in the refrigerator. If her allergies would act up or whenever she felt like her under eyes were puffy

7 Beauty Brands Standing Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Be it the news hour or your Facebook notification pop up – from the looks of it, it seems like every other day one country or the other is trying to end the abortion access.

Kylie Jenner’s Walnut Scrub – The Ultimate Disaster

If you thought that the name is enough to burn your
pockets this season, then we’d say – “NOT THIS TIME!”

All About Vampire Facial

Caution – bloody bumpy massacre ahead! If you thought your chumps were bloody painful then darling you’re about to learn new things today or let’s call it something ‘trending’ (this word always works like a magic spell). We all have…

Under-Eye mask: a game changer or not?

“Do they really work?” …Let’s find out! Can’t fray away from flipping your phone from another episode on Netflix? Maybe that’s your tiny villain disguised in dark circles and tired eyes. So, are you still stuck at “should I or…

Campest men at MET GALA 2019

Let’s be honest Met gala 2019 was the wackiest of all fashions events, and it made sure that its no longer acceptable for men to just put on a designer white tuxedo, a shiny bow tie and call it a…

6 beauty products Hailey Bieber’s Makeup artist swears by!

They’re amazing and yet affordable! ‘Perfection’ is what Hailey Bieber’s (Baldwin) life is made up of! No seriously, not kidding! I mean like…what doesn’t she have? She is immaculate with the right makeup game, that’s always on point while carrying…