IndiGo orders jet engines worth $20 billion

Low-cost airline IndiGo has placed a 20 billion dollar (about Rs 1.4 lakh crore) jet engine order with CFM International to power 280 Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft.

Circular economy has potential to create 1.4 crore jobs: Niti Aayog CEO

“Circular economy has the potential to generate 1.4 crore jobs in the next 5-7 years & create lakhs of new entrepreneurs. Resource circularity is need of the hour to implement circular economy,” he said.

Trump wants another emergency to pressurize Mexico

Donald Trump is planning to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff on Mexico Trump administration is all set to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff by 5% on Mexico over the failure of the Mexican government towards illegal…

GOQii racks up support in the battle against Flipkart

The All India Online Vendors Association (AIOVA) told Reuters in a statement it plans to file a plea to join GOQii’s case against Flipkart on behalf of 3,500 online sellers it represents.

Global growth weakens as trade tensions rise: World Bank

“In particular, global trade growth in 2019 has been revised down a full percentage point, to 2.6 per cent–slightly below the pace observed during the 2015-16 trade slowdown, and the weakest since the global financial crisis.”

China warns citizens from travelling to ‘Gun violence’ ridden US

Chinese government announced a security warning for their citizens travelling to US citing recent shootings. In the wake of the recent increase in crimes and harassment of Chinese people in the US, Beijing warned its citizens against travelling to the…

‘Naked economic terrorism’: China responds to US tariffs

US provocation on trade front ‘naked economic terrorism’: China China on Thursday launched a scathing attack against the United States with whom it is engaged in a trade war, saying, the provocation by Washington on the business front is “naked…

India-China cooperation in the new era of digital transition

India-China industry cooperation forum held in China to encourage IT companies To create a new chapter in India-China cooperation in the new era of digital transition, the 2019 Sino-India IT and DT Industry Cooperation Forum was held here on Monday.…

You work, Not your partner: Trump’s message to H-1B visa holders

The US government is scrapping the H4 visa, a move which could affect the families of thousands of Indian hi-tech workers in the US and led to a shortage of skilled workers in the US.

Snapchat employees accused of spying user data

Two former workers of Snap Company spoke to Motherboard about the Snapchat employees using internal tools — which offer them privileged access to user data — to spy on people’s pages.