Things Are Not Looking Good For Family Guy As Creator Seth MacFarlane Leaves FOX

Now that Seth MacFarlane is leaving FOX and signing a new deal with NBC, the series runs the risk of being cancelled for good.

The Wait Is Over! Family Guy Season 19 Release Date Confirmation

Season 19 will serve as the last season for ‘Family Guy’ on the Fox Network but will continue with NBC Universal for the seasons beyond. Fox has pulled the curtains for ‘Family Guy’ after announcing the renewal of season 19,…

Marvel Plans A Family Guy Makeover For Ryan Reynolds To Make Deadpool MCU-Eligible

After having been taken under Disney, will Ryan Reynolds’ highest-grossing R-rated movie still be the same?  Deadpool 3 is in the making and fans are worried if it will be rated R. After Disney bought the right to Fox’s Marvel…

Rajkant Patil: The Guy With the 5 Crores Win, No Money to Pay Covid Bills Just 7 Days Back

Business Wire IndiaAmid the CoronaVirus Pandemic, in times of despair, a ray of hope strikes into a humble home at Thane district’s Diva area in Maharashtra. Rajkant Patil, a trader and small business owner was struggling to make ends meet…

Dylan Marshall: The Only Character Apart From Extended Family In Every Season Of Modern Family

Dylan Marshall aka Reid Ewing is the only character outside the crazy extended family who appears in every season of ‘Modern Family’! The Emmy-winning mockumentary family sitcom was created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan while sharing stories of their…

The Cooper Family Is Portrayed Differently In Young Sheldon And The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s family is portrayed in ‘Young Sheldon’ vs. ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Which show disguises the truth? Sheldon Big Bang Theory.

Modern Family: 5 Emotional Moments From The Show That Proves Jay Pritchett Is A Softy

One of the most loved characters on ABC’s longest-running sitcom ‘Modern Family’, Jay Pritchett can be a tough cookie, especially with his….

Manish Balani — Your Go-To Guy For All Things ‘GST’

Manish Balani, Business Head GST, Vayana Network has been the “Face of LinkedIn in India” in the part. Having been a core part of growth for several organizations, big or small, over the past decade, Balani has developed an in-depth understanding of what makes aa product successful in India.

F Is For Family Is Ready To Bring More Family Drama With Season 5

‘F is For Family’ came out in one go and ever since then, fans have been eager to know more about the show. With the cliff-hanger at the end of season 4, will there be any more new episodes? What…

The Byrdes Family Will Finally Have A Happy Ending On Ozark Season 4

‘Ozark’ returns for its fourth and final season, making fans emotional and excited. The Netflix show will end with a bang says ‘Ozark’