DKODING Review- Saaho. A Wasted Potential

Saaho Movie Review! By the looks of the trailer of Prabhaas and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Saaho, the film seemed like a formidable force at the box office with literally no other movie in the near future to come close to it.

The film, however, turned out to be appallingly atrocious. It is a bloated behemoth that stomps about clunkily and leaves behind a hardly edifying trail. The cops-and-robbers yarn does not contain a shred of originality.

The film’s unrelentingly shrill pitch is aggravated by the ear-splitting background score and its never-ending action set pieces. Saaho has obviously been made by people who have no faith in tonal variations. Let’s break it down further in this week’s review of Saaho.

Saaho Movie Review! The Plot

That’s all over the place! Saaho deals with the syndicate of Waaji city, where gangsters are flamboyant and crime runs with corporate precision.

Roy (Jackie Shroff) is at the helm of affairs, and there are rivals, like Devaraj (Chunky Panday) lurking around the corner to dethrone him.

Roy gets assassinated by Devaraj, and the position is captured by his son Vishwank (played by Arun Vijay). This mafia story crosses paths with the serial robbery in Mumbai and the case is handled by detective Ashok Chakravarthi (played by Prabhas), who is yet to come across a threat or challenge in his life.


The first half deals with Ashok’s investigation into the robbery (which ensues through an amateurish setup involving unassuming people). Ashok doesn’t seem interested in the investigation as much as he spends time posturing through needless fights.

His co-worker in the operation, Amritha Nair (played by Shraddha Kapoor) appears smart at first, only to get condescended by our hero.

The film gets distracted with its flabby writing that throws an undue spotlight on its lead.

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Saaho Movie Review! On The Upside

The film has a production value equivalent to John Wick. The fictitious city of Waaji feels real. The action sequences are the selling point of the film and have been executed well. The background music is a sigh of relief in this movie where the songs are below average.


Saaho Movie Review! On The Downside

Saaho is populated with well-known actors. Among them, Chunky Pandey as Devraj, Arun Vijay as Vishwak, Mandira Bedi as Kalki, and Neil Nitin Mukesh in a pivotal role make their presence felt.

Jackie Shroff, Mahesh Manjrekar, Tinnu Anand and a host of others are mere bystanders without much to do. In his characteristic style, Vennela Kishore tries to induce a few laughs but there are no smart lines or situations to help him do that.

Prabhas is in a shape-shifting role that, had it been written and enacted well, would hold intrigue.


Barring that 18-minute chase sequence with a Jetman action piece and some shots that present him as a suave superhero-like figure, he too looks lost.

There’s a thin line between projecting a casual-cool persona and coming across as disinterested.

Prabhas’s demeanor and laidback dialogue delivery, like a drawl, don’t live up to the heroic build up in the dialogues. It’s important to show, rather than just tell, how smart a character is.

That doesn’t happen at all in Saaho. Shraddha Kapoor’s potential is wasted. She could do so much with the role had it been written well. Speaking of which, the script is the biggest failure in this monstrosity.

Time has been a witness of big-budget films dropping flat on their RS.100 crore butts because of lack of a good story. But Bollywood doesn’t seem to learn, does it?

Saaho Movie Review! All In All

Look, all the stunts and chase sequences are ok and we can work with it. But Bollywood, Oh, Bollywood! Please understand that an ensemble cast, camera work, music, these are all just modes of taking a narrative forward. You need a narrative first.

That should be your first, second and third priority. When you have that, then you can beautify it. Sadly the big production houses of our industry only look for ways to milk the cow.

Saaho is one such example od a huge potential getting wasted in the limelight of the moolah.

Saaho Movie Review! We’re going with 1.5 out of 5 stars for Saaho. Go spend your weekend somewhere else guys!

By Chetan Mehrishi

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