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Exclusive Interview — Jan Lokpal Bill In 6 Months If We Win In Delhi: Congress’ Subhash Chopra

Jan Lokpal Bill, Nyay Yojana, Shaheen Bagh and AAP’s 5 years – Delhi State President Subhash Chopra opened up on Congress’ chances in Delhi Elections 2020 as the party released its manifesto.

In a candid conversation with DKODING Media, Indian National Congress State President Subhash Chopra said that the party will not form an alliance with AAP even if they can make coalition government in Delhi. Chopra accused AAP of being a ‘corrupt party’ claiming many AAP members had left the party because of Kejriwal’s corruption.

On Budget and 10% GDP growth

The Congress leader said that employment is more important than 10% GDP growth. “People in the country, including Delhi, need employment. If Congress comes to power, it will give unemployment allowances of Rs 5,000 and Rs 7,500 to graduates and postgraduates every month,” said Chopra.

“The Delhi government has not distributed pension to 84,000 people which includes old age, widows, and disabled,” Chopra continued, “In the name of Former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit, Congress would increase the amount of pension from Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000. Late Congress leader Sheila Dixit started the scheme with Rs 200.”

On AAP’s efforts in introducing Jan Lokpal Bill

“Jan Lokpal Bill movement was introduced under the leadership of Anna Hazare. Arvind Kejriwal joined Hazare’s activism. But after some time he made his own party and left Hazare in oblivion. They (AAP) don’t even take his name now.”

Jan Lokpal Bill in the last Delhi elections was the main reason for AAP’S victory, Chopra said, “In 2013, when AAP government failed to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill, Kejriwal strategically resigned from the CM post. People thought he was a good guy and voted AAP to a historic victory in 2015.”

“If Congress comes to power, we will pass the Jan Lokpal Bill within six months of tenure.”

INC Delhi State President Subhash Chopra

Chopra further amplified his attack on AAP, “They were against corruption and raised their voices, but what happened after it. In the last 5-6 years, Delhi has witnessed many corrupt practices in Kejriwal government’s rule.”

On Water Supply in Delhi

Chopra said, “Congress made water harvesting mandatory for any new construction and the AAP government stopped it.” He further added, “Houses that are locked or where only a family of 2-3 people stay get free water up to 20,000 litres. This extra water being transferred to the Water Tanker Mafia.”

Chopra claimed, “If Congress is voted to power, we will supply water as per people’s requirement. If people of Delhi sustainably use and save water, then they will get a cashback reward of 30 paise per litre.”

On Air and Water Pollution in Delhi

“He (Arvind Kejriwal) didn’t work to reduce air and water pollution. They are providing polluted water to Delhi’s people and recently announced that their party will construct smoke towers in the capital. Why didn’t they do it in these six years.” 58 people have died in Delhi due to air pollution as per an RTI Report, said the Congress leader.

“BJP and AAP both destroyed Delhi that was developed by Congress from infrastructure, road construction, Colleges and Universities, to pensions. 46% of the allocated fund to health and education have not been utilized, 1,32,000 students in Delhi have left schooling, 18 operation theatres have been shut down. AAP members themselves have alleged Kejriwal of taking money for election seats.”

Why People will Vote for Congress

Chopra said that people in Delhi are now frustrated with these 6 years, “When people come to Delhi now, they are scared of the air and water pollution, inflation and many more things that have been affecting people. So, now people will again vote for Congress.”

On Shaheen Bagh Sit-in Protest

“It’s a national issue. I respect the women who have been continuously standing against the CAA-NRC act. They are fighting for their future generations. They are fighting to protect the constitution drafted by Dr B R Ambedkar.”

On Law and Order in Delhi

Congress already faced this issue in Delhi during PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure, tells Subhash Chopra, “We know how to deal with it. Although the centre has the police, the Congress will not tolerate the brutality against students and people. We won’t be a silent spectator like Kejriwal.”

On AAP with respect to Unrest in Delhi

Chopra criticized the events of police brutality and masked goons attacking JMI and JNU students. He said, “Kejriwal came forward and criticized CAA after more than a month. He did not even show empathy for students. On the other side, Congress was there with the students in their struggle. The students in Delhi will teach a lesson in the elections.

On the late release of Manifesto for Delhi Elections

“This is the right time. After discussing with 20,000 people and 28 NGOs, we made this manifesto. We calculated all the expenses and how to utilize the amount and where to do it.”

On Nyay Yojana

“It’s Rahul Gandhi’s dream that Congress will fulfil. The scheme will provide ₹ 72,000 per annum to the 5,00,000 families in Delhi. It will cost us around 32 thousand crores. It won’t make a difference. It’s the people’s money, and it will go back to the people.”


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