JNU Students Protest and Police Brutally Lathicharged


Crucial meeting today: JNUSU to meet MHRD

Finally, MHRD heard student’s grievances and called JNUSU for a meeting.

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JNU Protest | India | Politics | DKODING | Image Credits: India Today

Today on 20th November, MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) has requested JNU Student Union along with other student councillors to meet with the High Power Committee constituted by the ministry to resolve the perfervid situation ignited due to the fee hikes.

However, on 19th November, the peaceful protest went on to the streets that resulted in a clash between police personnel and JNU students, where police brutally lathi-charged, mishandled and detained 100 of students.

JNUSU to meet MHRD Today
JNUSU to meet MHRD Today | India | Politics | DKODING

JNUSU leaders Aishe Ghosh, Saket Moon and others received an email on 19th November by P.K. Singh, Under Secretary, Deptt. of Higher Education, MHRD requesting a meet to restore normal functioning of JNU.

As per our sources, JNUSU is going to raise three core issues, first being the total fee hike rollback. The second demand, there should be no administrative and legal action be taken against the protesting students. And third is the most important, i.e. the students are going to demand to replace the current JNU Vice-Chancellor M. Jagadesh Kumar.

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