Dwayne Johnson Vets Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan After Ryan Reynolds Declines Black Adam

Michael B Jordan is eyed by the WB studio to star in the Black Adam. Apparently, he is shortlisted by the studio for the role of Hawkman. In fact, Ryan Reynolds was studio’s first choice to play the part as they seek to capitalize on his friendship with friend and co-star Dwayne Johnson. But Reynolds’ recently gunned down the rumour in a tweet.

Sounds Like Chris Hemsworth Still Has A Lot Of Drunk Thor Scenes Left

Natalie Portman reprising her role in Thor: Love and Thunder As Female Thor is something fans are looking forward to but it might also be her only MCU appearance

Elon Musk’s Ultimate Geek Fantasy Surfaces In Spacesuits: Avengers-SpaceX Fusion

Elon Musk and Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez built custom astronaut suits based on Superhero theme for historic SpaceX Dragon Crew launch

This Brie Larson And Mark Ruffalo Video Will Make You Want To Rewatch Avengers Endgame

Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo are kicking in nostalgia with a throwback video. This nostalgia will make you want to rewatch Avengers Endgame!

Mark Ruffalo’s Departure Imminent But HulkMania Set To Continue In MCU

Mark Ruffalo’s fan favourite character hulk might see death eye to eye, in the upcoming She-Hulk series.

From Villains To Rival Spies — Scarlett Johansson Fights Family Members In Black Widow

MCU’s Black Widow about Natasha Romanoff’s Family. Scarlett Johansson says everything in MCU’s Black Widow is fixed around Natasha Romanoff…

Marvel Phase 4 New Schedule: Captain Marvel 2 Is Coming Sooner Than Expected

Marvel has announced the new schedule for its Phase 4 — it tells the fate of Black Widow, Black Panther and Captain Marvel 2

Thor 4 Will Be A Family Affair With Two Hammers And Two Hemsworths

Chris Hemsworth became famous due to Thor’s cape. But Thor 4 will prove to be a family affair with his brother, Liam Hemsworth joining him…

No Avenger Is Safe From Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel In MCU Phase 5

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been very smooth in bringing its characters back from the dead. It has become a fashion of sorts. Highlights  The MCU is going really big on cloning. Captain Marvel is on a killing spree against…

Every third movie, Superheroes lose something, what’s in store for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3?

Is Peter Parker’s Spidey Sense the next big Marvel sacrifice as Spider-Man 3 Fan theories suggest? After the release of Spider-Man: Far from home, fans are in frenzy with theories on what Peter Parker will lose now in Spider-Man 3.…