Ashton Kutcher Wants The Ranch Reboot Rather Than Two And A Half Men

Yes, that’s right! If online reports are true, Ashton Kutcher is willing to add another season of The Ranch to his acting career, leaving…

Five Years Later, Alan, Walden And Charlie Come Together Again On Two And A Half Men

Two and a Half Men was a massive success with its ahead-of-time plotline and an even more exciting cast. Read more to know about it!

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Two And A Half Men Reboot: Ashton And Mila Reunion On The Cards

In the age of all kinds of reboots, it is time for ‘Two and a Half Men’ to get its own and we are super excited! With Charlie Sheen out and Ashton Kutcher in, we may get to see Mila Kunis as a part of ‘Two and a Half Men’ reboot.

Charlie Sheen Vs Ashton Kutcher: Feud Over Two And A Half Men Season 13 And The Ranch Season 9 Continues

When an actor is faced with choosing between his two iconic characters, that’s when he knows that he has achieved what he came for in the show business. That moment for Ashton Kutcher has finally come. With the looming question…

Five Years Later, Two And A Half Men To Reboot As Two And A Half Women

‘Two and a Half Men’ has been a cult favourite of millions of American sitcom fans. If speculations are to be believed, there might be a reboot for ‘Two and Half Men’ but with a women-led cast.

Ashton Kutcher To Make A Tough Choice Between The Ranch Season 9 Or Two And A Half Men Season 13

There comes a time when you know you’ve made it as an actor. For Ashton Kutcher, choosing between two very successful sitcoms- ‘The Ranch’ and ‘Two and a Half Men’- might be that time! ‘The Ranch’ and ‘Two and a…

Two And A Half Men Season 13 Can Rectify Charlie Harper’s Death

Is a Season 13, with Charlie Harper, back in works? Chuck Lorre’s ‘Two and a Half Men’ is one of the most successful sitcoms ever seen on American television. The CBS show was a rating beast and saw unparalleled popularity…

Ashton Kutcher Vs Charlie Sheen: Who Gets The Entry In Two And A Half Men Reboot

After running for 12 successful seasons, ‘Two and a Half Men’ ended in 2015, but it’s fans lived on. And in this century of reboots, did ‘Two and a Half Men’ also get hit with the bug? Some sitcoms face…

Two And A Half Men Is Back For Season 13 But Without Ashton Kutcher

CBS is rebooting Two and a Half Men for Season 13 but without Ashton Kutcher. It is obvious that Charlie Sheen won’t return, then who will?