Suits Star Meghan Markle Promises To Fight For The Rights Of Black Community

Meghan Markle addressed the death of George Floyd in a video conference with her alma mater of Immaculate Heart High School and promised that she will campaign for justice to all black lives

Meghan Markle Wins The Race Against Gina Torres For Suits Season 10

After a very long wait, and the return of Meghan Markle to the US, fans are hoping that she’ll make a comeback in ‘Suits’ Season 10.  Not a while ago, we were left utterly disappointed when the hot-shot lawyers Rachel…

Suits Season 10 Will Crown Meghan Markle As The Queen

After playing the second fiddle to Mike for nine seasons, Markle may have won a crown for herself in ‘Suits’ Season 10. She is supposedly going to be the lead woman in ‘Suits’ Season 10. Rachael Zane, the idlest character,…

Elon Musk’s Ultimate Geek Fantasy Surfaces In Spacesuits: Avengers-SpaceX Fusion

Elon Musk and Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez built custom astronaut suits based on Superhero theme for historic SpaceX Dragon Crew launch

Suits Confirms Another Spin-Off Series With Meghan Markle – Rachael And Mike

Another Megxit reward for Duchess! Meghan Markle clinches a dedicated Suits spin-off series on her onscreen character Rachael and Mike. Meghan Markle grabs a separate spin-off series of Suits dedicated to Rachael and her onscreen husband Mike. Aaron Korsh wants…

Meghan Markle’s Unparalleled Popularity Drives Netflix To Buy Rights Of Suits Season 10

It was Meghan who wrote the doomsday for Suits and it is Meghan who is resurrecting it for season 10, this time via Netflix. Sensing the business opportunity from Meghan’s tremendous popularity, Netflix begins talks with Aaron Korsh to buy…

Meghan Markle Me Too: After Suits Photographer, Staffer Accuses Duchess Of Rude Behaviour

Has Meghan been a demanding person? According to staffers and a Suits photographer, yes, Meghan Markle has had a rude behaviour towards many.

Suits Photographer Reveals Meghan Markle’s Dark Secrets

Photographer Tommy Mendes spilled the beans about his experience working with Meghan Markle back in 2015 when she was a cast on Suits.

Meghan Markle To Bring Sensational Journalism With Suits Season 10

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is unfazed by lawsuit loss, plans to drag irresponsible media in Suits season 10. After losing the media battle, Meghan has planned full-fledged revenge on irresponsible journalism on Suits season 10. The Duchess of…

Not The Crown, But Meghan Markle Starrer Suits Season 10 Reboots To Take Revenge On Royals

Meghan’s starrer Suits season 10 seizes The Crown’s missed Opportunity to take on Royals With Meghan at the back, Suits season 10 is set to take the American revenge which The Crown fails to take season after season. Megxit has…