How Many Years Before Breaking Bad Is Better Call Saul Set?

Season 5 of the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off, ‘Bette Call Saul’, premiered earlier this year. There’s one question, however, that still confuses people. How long before ‘Breaking Bad’s’ event timeline is ‘Better Call Saul’ set? Read on to find out! ‘Better…

Who Are The Real Owners Of The Breaking Bad House?

Who are the owners of the real ‘Breaking Bad’ house? Living in a house that has become something of a phenomenon must surely have its perks.

Breaking Bad: The Mystery Of Saul’s Age As Jimmy, Gene, And Slippin’ Jimmy

How old is Saul as Jimmy, Gene, and young Jimmy in ‘Better Call Saul’, and how old he is in ‘Breaking Bad’? Saul Breaking Bad Jimmy Age.

Ruth Langmore Of Ozark Is The Female Version Of Jesse Pinkman From Breaking Bad

Fans have been comparing Ruth Langmore of ‘Ozark’ to Lady Jesse Pinkman of ‘Breaking Bad’. Let’s see what they have to say! Popular Netflix series ‘Ozark’ has often been compared to the concept of one of the classic and most-loved…

Breaking Bad: The Significance Of Walter White Offering Tequila To His Underaged Son

In ‘Breaking Bad’, Walter White encouraged his son to drink, specifically because Hank was trying to stop him. Mr Hank in ‘Breaking Bad’ was a boisterous man who dominated every room while Walter was just the opposite. He was a…

Breaking Bad: Is Walter White A Sociopath?

Walter White saw Jane die on drugs, killed Mike, kidnapped his own daughter, and you still think the ‘Breaking Bad’ baddie wasn’t a sociopath? We need to talk!

Is Fly The Worst Episode Of Breaking Bad?

According to most viewers, ‘Fly’ is one of the worst episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’. Is the mass hatred towards this particular ‘Breaking Bad’ episode justified? Or is it one of the most underrated episodes of the AMC crime thriller? Keep…

Breaking Bad: The Fate Of Walter White’s Money At The End

If ‘Breaking Bad’ and Walter White truly ended with its season 5 finale, then we wonder what might have happened to his money? It’s been over 7 years since ‘Breaking Bad’ ended, and our Heisenberg died with the love of…

Better Call Saul Drives A Huge Hole In Our Hearts With The Missing Breaking Bad Faces

Major Breaking Bad characters who we are and will be missing in Better Call Saul, including Walter and Jesse. Breaking Bad Better Call Saul.

Why Better Call Saul Doesn’t Look Like A Breaking Bad Prequel?

Viewers argue that ‘Better Call Saul’ is set in the same world as ‘Breaking Bad’. However, it’s Vince Gilligan’s brilliance that still makes it feel like an entirely different show, independent of ‘Breaking Bad’. The show has its own individuality…