Lady Loki Opens a Multiverse of Madness

At the end of episode 2 of Loki, Lady Loki bombs the Sacred Timeline. Here are the places that were bombed and how they can be affected.

Marvel Haters Are Trolling Black Widow: Here’s Why

After a year of no new MCU movies, the release of ‘Black Widow’ has been long-awaited. Now that it’s finally out, the internet responds by trolling ‘Black Widow’. Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanova made her first debut in the Marvel…

Black Widow Breaks The Mould Of Superhero ‘Origin Story’ Genre

Natasha Romanoff has gone from being hyper-sexualised to being one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. Here’s more on it.

Thor Variants That We’ll See In Future MCU

The 5th episode of Loki introduced Frog Thor to us. Does this mean that there are Thor variants too in the MCU? Let us find out.

The Rival To MCU’s She-Hulk Will Fail To Be Evil

In the Disney + series ‘She-Hulk’, the main enemy to the She-Hulk is falling short in creating the desired impact of an MCU villain. Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which kicked off with ‘WandaVision’, has many thrilling shows…

Marvel Slips Natalie Portman’s First Look As Mighty Thor

While production on the fourth instalment in Marvel’s God of Thunder franchise might have wrapped up, Marvel is, in typical fashion, being tight-lipped about a lot of the details. Thor 4, which is titled Love & Thunder is set to…

Twilight Of Gods: After Zombies Zack Snyder Attempts Norse Gods For Netflix

Thor, Odin, Loki – Zack Snyder adapts the Norse mythology The Man of Steel director is on a roll lately. After releasing his long-awaited 4 hours ultimate cut of Justice League on HBO Max, he went on to set up…

Who Is Liam Hemsworth’s New Girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks

Liam Hemsworth and his girlfriend, model Gabriella Brooks, have gone public. The couple attended the Gold Dinner 2021 in Australia together on Friday, alongside Liam’s older brother, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris’s wife, Elsa Pataky. Here’s everything we know about the…

Thor 5 Will See Chris Hemsworth Walk In Iron Man’s Footsteps

As Marvel continues its foray into Phase 4 of its cinematic universe, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is one of the few pioneering heroes still playing a major role in the MCU plot going forward. Thor: Love and Thunder will be the…

Marvel Celebrates Pride With Its Characters Coming Out Of Closet

Updates from the MCU suggest that it is about to explore Marvel’s LGBTQ history. Here are some MCU characters that belong to this community.