Thor Vs Captain Marvel: MCU Fulfills Fan Fantasy

The 7th episode of Marvel Studios What If shows a version of Thor who doesn’t have his adopted sibling “Loki” to rival with.

Matt Damon Desperately Wants To Land A Superhero Role, Like His Best Friend, Ben Affleck

Matt Damon is interested in playing a superhero role, but only on one condition! Let’s find out what the Oscar-winning actor has to say! Matt Damon and Ben Affleck met when they were young boys. They appeared as extras in…

Wellington Paranormal Season 4: Release Date Update And More

When is ‘Wellington Paranormal’ season 4 set to premiere? Here is what we know so far. ‘Wellington Paranormal’, a spin-off series to the original ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ film, is coming to American television. According to Bloody Disgusting,…

Matt Damon’s Biggest Career Failure Is Because Of A DC Role

Matt Damon auditioned for a coveted role from the DC comics but was unsuccessful in grabbing it both times. Matt Damon has enjoyed a marvellous career. Perhaps, the only thing missing from his filmography are credits for a superhero film.…

What If Gives Us A New Ravager From Wakanda

The 2nd episode of Marvel Studios’ What If explores a reality where T’Challa becomes Star-Lord and not Peter Quill, a well-portrayed possibility.

Loki From The God Of Mischief To Becoming The God of Magic

The God of Mischief, Loki, will finally get the respect he deserves after he shows his magical abilities and become the God of Magic. Loki is a villain or a hero; this has been a debate that has existed since…

While Loki Came Out Of The Closet Bucky Is Suffering Infinite Queerbaiting

Marvel Cinematic Universe has a lousy track record of handling sensitive issues pragmatically. For instance, sometimes messing up with ethnicity, character sexualization, or other times with wretched representation of the queer community. In recent times, The Falcon and The Winter…

Chris Hemsworth Forced Marvel To Cast Tom Holland As Spider-Man

Tom Holland is a fan-favourite thanks to his portrayal of Spider-Man in Marvel films. Chris Hemsworth, Holland’s ‘Avengers’ co-star, revealed that he had a hand in Holland landing the role. The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced us to the ‘Avengers’, which…

Explained: Loki Variants In The MCU Limbo

The mid-credits scene of the 4th episode of Loki showed him in a new place. This is after Renslayer prunes him. So what is this place?

Lady Loki Opens a Multiverse of Madness

At the end of episode 2 of Loki, Lady Loki bombs the Sacred Timeline. Here are the places that were bombed and how they can be affected.