Big Bang Theory: How Much Will It Cost To Get Sheldon Cooper On A Show?

From starting out with a small role in a school play to becoming the highest-paid actor on ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Jim Parsons has quite the heavy pocket that might make you wonder how much does the actor make per…

Find Out Who All Will Make It To The Finishing Line In Money Heist Season 5

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Will The Reign Get Longer: Renewal Status Of The Korean TV Show, Kingdom

A release date has been set for Korean zombie drama, ‘Kingdom’. Writer Kim Eun-hee has revealed his intentions of developing the series.

Grammy Winning and Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Ariana Grande Launches Her New Fragrance R.E.M.

NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy winner Ariana Grande, invites you to an out of this world experience with her dreamy new fragrance R.E.M. This highly anticipated new fragrance, in partnership with LUXE Brands, will launch exclusively on…

Greatest TV Shows That Ruined Their Legacy By Going On For Too Long

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Keanu Reeves Gets A New Look For Matrix 4

The world’s most-loved movie star, Keanu Reeves took up the iconic role of Neo in his younger heydays, sporting a lean, clean face with trimmed and kempt hair, but 17 years later, we shall see a different look.

New Marvel Sony Deal Will Let Spider-man Stay Indefinitely In the MCU

As per the new Marvel Sony Spider-man deal, the web-slinger will enjoy a longer stay at the Marvel Cinematic Universe That Spider-man 3 announcement is breaking the internet. The Hollywood Reporter recently released its Studio Executive Roundtable with top executives…