Buffett lunch mystery intensifies as Chinese entrepreneur apologizes

Warren Buffett lunch mystery deepens as Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun issued a broad apology.

Want to travel faster than air? Board Maglev

China took the world on storm by revealing a new Magnetic levitating train. This train is in a prototype which can achieve speeds as high as 600km/h.

Is Apple about to launch a foldable phone?

Apple was granted the patent to create an electronic device with a display and cover that is bendable by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Meet the Mumbai girl who is the face of Rihanna’s Fenty

Naomi Janumala, the 19-year-old Mumbai girl who is the new face of Rihanna’s luxury brand Fenty Maison.

France in fear: Still defusing bombs from World War 1

More than a century has gone by, but France is still at a risk from unexploded World War 1 bombs.

Say goodbye to Blackouts: Call Thor or just let Mitsubishi power up your house

Mitsubishi will sell a system that lets you share power between your home and electric car. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the Dendo Drive House (DDH) features solar panels.

5 companies that are doing wonders by burning billions

These firms have burnt $100 bn in the past decade. They are capitalism’s bravest babies – Chesapeake Energy, Tesla, Uber, Netflix, and NextEra Energy.

Watch the unseen photos from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner wedding week

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner explore Paris with Pals before their upcoming wedding ceremony in France.

Why are the twitteratis furious with Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian yesterday reveal her new shapewear in nine different skin tones and a range of sizes.

High Adoption of Electric Vehicles in China Attracts OEMs Looking to Expand Their Global Footprint

Introduction of several new models to increase adoption of xEVs, especially in Canada and South Korea, finds Frost & Sullivan LONDON, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — More than 2.8 million electric vehicles (EVs) are likely to be sold globally in…