Is Trump the ghost of white supremacy haunting USA?

All of this culminated into the manifestation of hatred – the three mass shootings, of which two happened within 24 hours. Trump is the ghost

This device can hear the voice in your head – AlterEgo

The wearable device system, AlterEgo can detect what you say when you talk to yourself.

Profit vs the greatest inventor in Humankind – Who won?

Would you believe that humanity had a chance at free energy for all? We did but the engines of commerce chewed it up and spit it out.

22-year-old riding silicon valleys latest Unicorn

Will Tesla’s Musk end up buying Scale and take it up a notch for AI?

Huawei OS to release as soon as Friday

A report predicts that Huawei OS will release this week, aims to replace Android. The report source, China’s state-run Global Times is not the most reliable of sources. Few key details that the report contains will be verifiable soon enough.…

Ever seen an exoplanet oozing heavy metals?

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope was recently used to take the temperature of a far off exoplanet. What did they find? A planet oozing molten heavy metals. The planet named WASP-121b is the most extreme of planets that we humans have…

WWII Submarine that never floated

This submarine did not see action; It sank on its first war patrol ever.

Taking cue from different sectors to restore market confidence: FM Sitharaman

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Monday asserted that the government is getting inputs from various sectors of economy and is responding accordingly to restore their confidence.

Gillette CEO does not regret shelling USD 8 billion during #MeToo campaign

Gillette CEO Gary Coombe said he does not regret his company’s controversial marketing campaign targeted at the #MeToo movement even though the company has taken an $8 billion hit.

This unique stereo looks like an Oreo

Mondelez India Brings Another Playful Twist To OREO: Introducing Limited Edition Oreo Stereo. Ushering in the festive season with a musical twist, this latest innovation by Oreo is the perfect gifting option for your loved ones and will be available online exclusively only during Amazon Prime Day.