Jeff Epstein Disaster – A Potential Hollywood Blockbuster

Jeff Epstein’s alleged suicide by hanging in police custody after horrific revelations are nothing short of a thrilling movie script, but what we’ve seen till now is just the intermission.

Revolutionary Automatic Self-charging Smart Watch: Sequent – SuperCharger2

Introducing a groundbreaking Crypto Currency reward program, for your healthy lifestyle and reducing your individual carbon footprint ZUG, Switzerland, Aug. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This is a fundamental re-engineering of our award-winning first and only smart watch with an Automatic…

Space X and Momentus: Private Geniuses at the helm of Space Exploration

Two space companies trying to revolutionize how we use satellites – Space X and Momentus

Best roads for a boring road trip (pun intended)

Going around is a dull and slow affair. Compared to the amazing rail networks around the world, you’re gonna be bored.

Boeing 787’s life- threatening security flaws

Security Researcher Ruben Santamarta has come out with a massive conclusion on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner code.

Why Chandrayaan-2 is slower to the moon than Apollo 11

The answer is in the build of the Chandrayaan-2 and the fuel capacity it holds. In case you missed it, Apollo-11 was the first and fastest trip to the lunar surface.  Apollo-11 took only four days, 6 hours and 45…

Sleeping in space is the most fun thing to do

We know how they walk in space; we know how they eat in space; we even know how they litter in space, but do you know how they sleep in space?

Testing the theory of relativity through the hoofs of a Blackhole

Einstein’s theory of gravity has passed yet another test but this time scientists are even more convinced that they are closer to..

Here’s how you can delete your data from Gmail

It was the use of our personal data which caused Sundar Pichai to stand in front of the Congress. Now, either you have to decline

Meet Japans R2D2 robot that you can ride

Not as advanced as the R2D2, but this robot still turns out to be an amazing sidekick. And the best part is you can ride it too.