Young Sheldon: Will Season 4 Include The Death Of Sheldon’s Father?

Will Steve Molaro explore the chapter of George’s death on ‘Young Sheldon’ this season? The show returned on CBS on Nov 5. Let’s see what to expect from the show. As Sheldon prepares for his freshman year at East Texas…

Young Sheldon Proves Missy Cooper Is The Best Sister Anyone Can Have

Sheldon is not the only Cooper we can’t get enough of. Missy Cooper, Sheldon’s twin sister, is a little dynamite on ‘Young Sheldon’. She is the best sister one could ask for and here’s why! Don’t be fooled by her…

The Cooper Family Is Portrayed Differently In Young Sheldon And The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s family is portrayed in ‘Young Sheldon’ vs. ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Which show disguises the truth? Sheldon Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon: What To Expect From Sheldon And The Cooper Family In Season 4

The new season of CBS popular comedy show ‘Young Sheldon’ premieres on November 5 at 8 pm. Now a high school graduate, 11-year-old Sheldon goes to college, as his parents have opposing views about his future.

Young Sheldon Season 4: Young Penny Will Disturb Sheldon’s Peace Of Mind

The creators of ‘Young Sheldon’ released its promo, and fans are already gearing up to watch young Penny and young Sheldon facing each other

Big Bang Theory: Will Young Sheldon See The Older Gang In Its Next Go?

Now that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is over, chances are high that the gang might make an appearance in ‘Young Sheldon’ Season 4. Let’s explore the possibility! For those of you who are wondering what you’re going to do to…

Young Sheldon Predicted His Own Nobel Prize Victory In The Big Bang Theory Season 12

Young Sheldon heard a news reporter about the outbreak of virus from China and we believe that is when he predicted Covid-19.

With Young Sheldon Star Growing Up Rapidly, How Many More Seasons Can We Expect

CBS has confirmed ‘Young Sheldon’ Season 4, but will he survive for season 5? ‘Young Sheldon’ is not young anymore. Yes! As the show is progressing towards season 4 very soon, Sheldon is expected to graduate soon enough. Although he…

Fan Of Young Sheldon? We Bet You Didn’t Notice These Subtle The Big Bang Theory References

It’s not that we have forgotten The Big Bang Theory. Even Young Sheldon takes us down the memory lane with references every now and then. It’s evident how hard it has been for us, and for The Big Bang Theory…

How Many From His Gang Did Sheldon Actually Meet In Young Sheldon?

Young Sheldon is inspired by Jim Parsons’ nephew Michael. The show debuted in 2017 and immediately created its niche fan-base, all thanks to The Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon Season 3 recently wrapped up on April 30, 2020. With its…