The Greatest Global Music Icons — 10 Living Legends Who Inspire Billions

10 icons of music in the modern era — voices and symphonies that transcended boundaries and transformed the art — inspiring millions on their way to the Global Music Industry Hall of Fame.

In Final Rap Battle Between Cardi B And Nicki Minaj: See Who Wins

Rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s feud is common knowledge. In fact, the two female rappers share a ‘love-hate’ kind of a relationship. Know why? Scroll down to know. WATCH: NICKI MINAJ, DRAKE, LIL WAYNE – NO FRAUDS TEAM CARDI…

Music To Be Murdered By: Slim Shady Throws Shade Again

2020 has just begun and we are to be murdered by Eminem’s music. The Detroit rapper who is better known as Slim Shady kick-started the year with a treat to fans by dropping a new album on Twitter. Eminem the…

Legendary Struggles of Hip Hop Artists with Criminal Records

Where the mind is without fear, the melody can be made in peace. Some of the top Hip Hop rappers and their legendary struggles that make for stories fit to make Oscar-winning movie scripts.

Indecent Exposure: Paolo Guerrero’s middle finger and five players who gestured the referee

The incident took place just before the half time when referee Luiz Oliveira gave a red card to the Peruvian footballer…

Revealed: Ed Sheeran is a married man!

Ed Sheeran has broken many hearts with his latest announcement. The singer has revealed that he is indeed a married man. He confirmed….

Revealing Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project’

Ed Sheeran finally released the highly-anticipated album ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project,’ and this album is exclusively

Halsey rocks at MTV Millennial Awards in her sexy corset style bodysuit

The American Singer Halsey gave a showstopper performance on stage at the MTV Millennial Awards (MIAW) in San Paulo, Brasil

What led Guns N’ Roses’ drummer Steven Adler to stab himself?

Steven Adler was the drummer to one of the most popular hard rock bands. But he is in the news with no relation to his drumming…

A.R. Rahman’s son delivers his first single ‘Sago’

The son of legendary A.R. Rahman has very large shoes to fill. But his son indeed is keeping up with the pace. In fact, A. R. Ameen is….