Trump’s Futile War Against Twitter Reveals How Little He Knows The Law

Having been fact-checked and found wanting by Twitter, an incensed Trump, like the study in irony he is, tweeted his outrage threatening to “strongly regulate” or “close down” social media platforms, and railed, “clean up your act, NOW!!!”

Twitter Watch Party And Comics Confirm Daredevil To Return For Season 4 In Iron Man Avatar

Supremely successful Twitter watch party and upcoming June edition of comics suggest that Charlie Cox will return as Daredevil in Iron Man’s avatar on season 4. Upcoming comic book edition prompts Daredevil is the new Iron Man. The main cast…

Twitterati Brand Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp A Racist After He Defends Chase Hudson

Looks like Twitterati is upset from Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp these days for Chase Hudson. Scroll down to know the reason why social

Should Modi Worry About Trump’s Unpredictable Twitter Diplomacy?

Although a number of theories are doing rounds explaining the development, there is no reason to believe that Donald Trump’s unpredictable ‘Twitter diplomacy’ can really impact the basic foundations of US-India relations that suit the needs of the time.

The Rise of Zoombombing: Even Instagram and Twitter Aren’t Safe

Zoombombing or Zoomraiding is a new form of cyberbullying. Here’s how to prevent it according to the FBI…

Why Markets TRUMPet Devious Facebook Over Ethical Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter dominate the online political debate of the west and the ethical issue of curbing fake ads directly challenges political end-results, particularly for President Trump.

Twitter to redesign its iPad app

Twitter’s iPad app is getting a redesign to make it seamless and more efficient to use on Apple’s tablet. As The Verge notes, the new design adds multiple columns to the iPad app, similar to its web interface with the navigation bar on the left and trending topics on the right.

Pankaja Munde’s Twitter Fiasco Sparks Rumours of Unrest Within BJP

Pankaja Munde on Sunday urged her supporters to come for a rally to be held in Beed on December 12, also the birth anniversary of her late father and former union minister Gopinath Munde.

Twitter’s updated plan of removing dormant accounts to impact EU

After it was reported that Twitter will remove accounts that have been dormant for very long, the micro-blogging site has come up with more details surrounding the plan.The company said the process “impacts accounts in the EU only, for now.”

People Show Support for AAP on Twitter: A New Way to Fund Your Favorite CM Arvind Kejriwal #DonateAAP

AAP’s commendable efforts towards improving Delhi have managed to gain people’s trust and resource as an innovative voter-led campaign is gathering funds for the party with every retweet.