Avengers: Endgame can land at least 5 Oscar nominations, but would be lucky to win even one

Does Avengers: Endgame deserve plaudits at the Oscars solely because of its Box-Office record? Moreover, does global fandom automatically ascertain that it’s a cinematic masterpiece?

Loki Unleashed gives the god of mischief mystical powers

The next comic, Loki: Unleashed gives him enormous mystic abilities on top of all that he already possesses; will the Avengers win?

What if..? Iron Man with Ten Rings, turned to the dark side

‘What if’ is the latest upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 series, joining the Disney plus lineup. The series is going to explore the comic book series by Marvel by the same name, “What if..?”

Female Wolverine: Hugh Jackman’s adopted daughter to take on the Hulk

Attention Marvel Fans: X-23; the female Wolverine is coming to MCU. According to reports, she will be the leading protagonist in Marvel’s X-Men. Female Wolverine; X-23 was Wolverine’s clone and adopted daughter in the movie ‘Logan‘. Logan movie was when…

The Houston Hypothesis: What if, Modi was to be the US President?

As the global influence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi grows; this article is about comprehending what he can bring to the table, in reference to global and American politics, if he were to be the President of the United States.…

Disappointing Emmys 2019: Who Won and Who Deserved to Win

The 2019 Emmy Awards were a huge disappointment and there were some winners at the awards who didn’t deserve but still won. The 2019 Emmy Awards is a huge disappointment to the viewers who expressed their displeasure on the internet.…

Eternals: Angelina Jolie’s pics are out as Thena, but we know nothing of Jon Snow

As Angelina Jolie joined the team at The Eternals, her kids were more than excited about it. To see one’s supermom become a….

The legend of Shang-Chi and Terror of the 10 Rings: Iron Ant Suit?

When Marvel chief announced the next for its Cinematic Universe, Shang-Chi is one of the chief movies coming to Phase 4. The MCU introduced Ten Rings as a Terror group pursuing take over the world. Thus becoming Tony Stark’s nemesis in the first instalment, the legend is left out.

Here’s the complete winners list of Emmy Awards 2019

The 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, TV’s highest honors, saw some of the Television Academy’s old favorites pitted against newer critical darlings and legacy prestige networks battle it out against streaming services. The widely acclaimed ‘Fleabag’ managed to break ‘Veep’s’ comedy winning streak with four awards.

Dr. Strange encounters a Nightmare in Multiverse of Madness: Its Keanu Reeves

There’s massive star power in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and ladies and Gentlemen behold, Keanu Reeves is playing Supervillain Nightmare.