India’s Moral Code of Mis-Conduct

The Election commission has seized Rs. 2,464 crores of illegal drugs, money and alcohol meant for alleged distribution among voters.

5 seeds you should add to your diet

Don’t go by their size! Sometimes tiny is good… *winks* “Eating” every foodie’s ‘most used’ word and every synonym around it. But 21st Century dieting style has seen a lot and now there are pills available in form of food…

Kim-Putin talks – Rise of a new Power Bloc?

The first summit between the two leaders with immense concentrated power might set the tone for future international balance of power.

Twitter still struggling to grow, says monthly report

Despite the addition of new users this year, Twitter, in its monthly report, has said the company is still lagging behind its estimated figure of users

Bytedance’s prayer answered: TikTok remains

TikTok’s parent company Bytedance’s court filling said that India’s ban resulted in “financial losses” of up to $500,000 a day and put more than 250 jobs at risk.

Kochhar’s growing Criminal Logbook

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has reportedly expanded the scope of its investigation against former ICICI Bank CEO and MD Chanda Kochhar.

Mayawati’s ‘Reservations’ about Modi’s ‘Quota’

Addressing a poll rally here in north Maharashtra, Modi said he will ensure that the quota quantum is not disturbed.

A Game of Truth and Dare in West Bengal

Turning the heat on, Shah accused Banerjee of ignoring democratic ethics and misusing state police. He also incited the national sentiment, asking West Bengal CM to clarify her stand on J&K.

How to dress up to dress down?

Sex is a theatrical masterpiece. There are actors (lovers), a stage (Bed), action (wink wink), drama (Them moans), overacting (Them fake moans) and obviously costumes (Kinky ones). You need to put on your best attire to get the most of…

Sri Lankan Bombings: ISIS had the remote control

321 killed and 500 injured | Islamic State menace is back