From Walking Dead To Game Of Thones — The MCU Stamp Is Everywhere

From Game of Thrones to Walking Dead To MCU- Where our favourite actors have been! Our favourite actors who have starred in are GOT and the

Daredevil Back On Big Screen Sooner Than Expected

Marvel’s Daredevil might prove to be MCU’S Phase Four Success over the next Decade. fans are not holding back from their requests…

DC Vs Marvel Rivalry: How Them Tables Turn!

Warner Bros. is trying to bring several Avengers: Endgame co-stars. But the loyalty of their actors towards Marvel might not let them help DC

Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion To Return in Future Spiderman Movies

Yes! Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion Return in MCU. Major Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion to return in MCU for future Spiderma…

Black Widow, Captain Marvel Comic Books Turn Superheroes Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus has disrupted normal lives and retailers are in losses…so, Marvel (comic books) has decided to turn superheroes for retailer

Spider-Man Actually Fought Corona In This 1991 Comic

As the world is quarantined with coronavirus, it seems a Spider-Man comic series already knew about it. The comic book pages… corona…

Tom Holland Is The Cherry On Top That Everyone Wants

Marvel, Sony, Disney, and now Russo Brothers’ AGBO, Tom Holland is quickly becoming the hottest property in Hollywood. Russo brothers introduced the fan favourite Tom Holland as Spider-man in MCU’s Captain America: Civil War in 2016. Now, Russo brothers seem…

New Marvel Sony Deal Will Let Spider-man Stay Indefinitely In the MCU

As per the new Marvel Sony Spider-man deal, the web-slinger will enjoy a longer stay at the Marvel Cinematic Universe That Spider-man 3 announcement is breaking the internet. The Hollywood Reporter recently released its Studio Executive Roundtable with top executives…

Battle of the Invincibles: When Adam Warlock fights Thanos

Adam Warlock and Thanos are both invincible. At one time they were bitter rivals, and at one time they became great friends. But who wins a fight between the two?

Galactus is Awake, and he’s coming to destroy Avengers in Marvel Phase 4

With the demise of Thanos, Marvel needs a new major villain to replace the bad guy. Enter Galactus, the destroyer of planets.