#Rafalescam | Continued attacks by Congress on Modi and team

Randeep Singh Surjewala on Twitter

Modiji adds another 1st to his list

After being the first PM to be exposed destroying the #CBI before the SC,

After having ruined CVC’s credibility (requiring supervision by former SC judge),

Mr. Modi has now become 1st PM to have his illegal orders set aside by the SC.

Modiji pls remember, Govts have come and gone. Integrity of our institutions have survived.

Let this be a lesson to you about the strength of our democracy and the Constitution.

Let this be a lesson that howsoever despotic u may be, law catches up in the end.


Another big question for Modiji.

After making #CBI Chief suffer the consequences of your illegal decision for 3 months, will you show the courage to return three months of lost tenure?

Unless you are afraid of investigation into #RafaleScam !

MODI = Muzzling of Democratic Institutions!

1st, you lose 4 economic advisors in a row including 2 RBI Governors,

2nd, 4 SC judges go public on Judge Loya,

Then you destroy credibility & competence of the CBI & CVC.

This is ur model of ‘minimum governance, maximum govt’.


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