Why Delhi will vote for AAP once again

Public opinion online and numbers from early polls suggest that AAP Government’s efforts and effective policies are supported by the majority of Delhi’s population before 2020 state elections.

Better safety, Improved Health, and Quality Education were three focal areas for the AAP government during its first term in Delhi. The citizens of Delhi chose Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aami Party in the 2015 Legislative Elections on the back of an almost complete majority with 67 out of 70 seats. Numbers suggest that following the phenomenal victory, AAP has ensured optimum utilization of the opportunity ahead of Delhi Elections in 2020.

AAP Governmet in Delhi Newsline DKODING
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal with Deputy CM Manish Sisodia and other officials | Newsline | DKODING

As per online opinion polls on the Neta App, 67.3% of the voters are happy with CM Arvind Kejriwal-led Government’s work. Furthermore, 62.4% of voters wish to see Arvind Kejriwal retaining the top office in 2020 and 72.7% of voters found him a better CM than late Congress CM Sheila Dikshit.

As per online opinion polls on the Neta App, AAP is coming back in 2020. | Newsline | DKODING

Informal numbers show an overall favourability of AAP’s policies, subsidised electricity and water, fight against air pollution, and further initiatives towards quality healthcare and education, and safety of Delhi’s citizens.

Delhi Government’s Work and High Approval Ratings for AAP before 2020

In its very first stint at governance, AAP took a dynamic approach to a transformation of the basic structure of citizens are served in the capital. So, they worked on aspects that resonate with people from across strata and settlements of Delhi. From poor to affluent, young millennials to aged senior citizens, AAP’s policies have been holistic in bringing everyone into the ambit. Consequently, specific policies have high approval ratings.

With respect to the Delhi government-operated schools, the quality of education has seen unbelievable improvement. Moreover, a majority of the citizens of Delhi approve of Arvind Kejriwal as an able Chief Minister. 27.19% of voters are very happy with his government’s efforts in education while 26.52% are very happy with the overall development.

AAP in 2020: Policies towards Holistic Safety in Delhi

The word safety has different interpretations for different people. As a businessman, safety means a stable business environment. Similarly, for a woman, safety means the freedom to travel whenever without fear. Likewise, for a commuter, it means better road infrastructure. Above all, for everyone, it means a more hygienic and breathable environment.

Business Safety

Kejriwal government ensured safety to business by keeping FDI away from retail, as promised in their 70-point manifesto of 2015. Working towards a stable business environment, AAP invited start-ups to set-up their homes in the national capital.

Women Safety

About women’s safety, the numbers speak for themselves. Rape cases reported in the national capital have been kept at check in the last 2 years. AAP government has been relentlessly pursuing the vision of public spaces with equal participation from the national capital’s women population.

It has implemented enhanced monitoring and increased security backed by more than 2.1 lakh street lights. CCTV cameras have been installed in Delhi’s black spots and marshals deployed on state buses. 58.6% of voters supported Delhi government’s efforts to make metro and bus ride free for women.

Road Safety

Delhi has more than 5 lakh daily non-metro commuters. To make improve roads, 50 AAP MLAs covered 25 km of roads each. They reported all locations which demanded repair alongside the PWD to make roads ‘pit-free’.

Furthermore, CM Arvind Kejriwal recently announced the “FarishteyDilliKe” scheme to encourage people to take victims and casualties of road accidents to hospitals. The government also announced that it would bear the expenses of the treatment of such casualties, irrespective of the cost.

Air Safety

Health is another aspect where the AAP government has worked with grit during their term in Delhi. So, aided by schemes like Odd-Even, ban on entry of trucks, ban on civil construction, strict compliance of Graded Response Action Plan, AAP took action.

Delhi Air Safety Newsline DKODING
AAP’s policies made Delhi’s air breathable again. | Newsline | DKODING Studio

Restrictions were also put on the burning of waste collectively helped decrease pollution levels in the National Capital. Consequently, the quality of Air has significantly improved and Delhi saw its most breathable air in the last 9 years and clear skies in the bygone month of September.

Healthcare Transformation

The AAP government has a target of 1000 ‘running’ Mohalla clinics in the poorest settlements of Delhi before 2020 Legislative Assembly elections. The initiative was highly praised by the World Health Organization, the Prime Minister of Norway, and Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General.

Mohalla Clinics in Delhi Newsline DKODING
Mohalla Clinics in Delhi | Newsline | DKODING

Each government school has a doctor and health clinics and a psychologist for school clusters. Moreover, hospitals under the Delhi government have 100% availability of medicines described in their respective Essential Drugs List. Furthermore, 35 specialty, super specialty and society hospitals under the Delhi government are being remodelled to increase the beds capacity from 10.000 to 20,000.

Quality Education for a better future

Education for all has been the top agenda of the AAP government. Thus, with the motto of “No Child Left Behind”, the AAP government has used innovative techniques and out-of-the-box approaches to enhance the quality of education.

Kejriwal inaugurates swimming pools in Delhi Newsline DKODING
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates swimming pools in government schools | Newsline | DKODING

AAP’s policies include government bearing expenses of financially weak students. Also, classrooms and schools are equipped with state-of-the-art technology like swimming pools and gymnasiums. As a result, in 2019, the passing percentage went over 90 for class 12 in government schools for the first time ever. Furthermore, some government schools are even outperforming private schools in Delhi.

Inclusion and Admission: AAP’s Mandate-winning approach

Perhaps AAP’s biggest efforts in terms of winning the hearts of Delhi’s voters has been the policy of citizen inclusion. Therefore, AAP’s policies have been citizen-centric, socialist and targeted towards individual welfare to uplift the community. Moreover, many schemes make citizens stakeholders and encourage citizen participation in government initiatives to make the city healthier and safer.

Video Credits: India Today

A number of initiatives have been criticised from some corners as being too idealist and unsustainable. However, AAP’s efforts fall in line with the literal idea of good governance. An idea that puts the rights and comforts of the citizens at the helm of its election charge. Also, no government wants to not come back to power. Thus, AAP makes its intentions clear with each policy: continued upliftment of Delhi. Moreover, based on informal opinion polls, AAP is on its way to retaining power in Delhi in 2020.

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