5 New Year Resolutions For Couples 💑 to Live a Spectacular Sex Life

Isn’t the first day of the New Year a great time to take some stock of the year gone by and build for an excellent 2019.

There is no harm to ponder upon things that need a certain tweak and the ones that need to evaporate completely out of the window. And whilst we are busy setting up some goals for 2019, one can’t afford to ignore the importance of putting the relationship on the highest pedestal. We have the tendency in the natural to believe that everything else needs special attention and a relationship can fly on its own – ‘on auto-pilot’ – ‘Absolutely Suicidal’ !

Remember –Importants are many but most important is one – The Relationship. 

When relationship is easy, comfy and smooth – that’s the best opportunity to further strengthen the plinth of a bond and make it unshakeable by creating emotional deposits to counter a rough patch – unfortunately bound to come by.

In the process of continuing to strengthen the relationship – nothing beats the first day of the New Year and the couples decide to make some resolutions together. Folks, Let 2019 be a year of investments and deposits in your relationship that creates immense unmatched value for your life!

Here are a few seeds to be sown into a relationship if you expect an excellent 2019.

1) Invest Energy and Time Consistently

As time passes by and initial attractions start to fade, couples start to take it for granted. You would agree it happens to all of us. We start to neglect and spend energies elsewhere considering the relationship can now walk on its own. Stresses at work takes over the enthusiasm, passion and a great relationship finds itself on a dangerous decline.

If it isn’t identified and given attention now – the cracks will start to show and tempers will take over. It is bound to happen to each one of us and before egos come in the foldSTOP, take a deep breath, be a bigger person and anchor the forward path. A stitch in time saves nine.

To do so – just include a resolution that Dates can not stop at all. The frequency can reduce naturally as other endeavours demand time and schedules could go haywire – but if dating stops, the relationship can come to a standstill, routines can chip in and you know – how damaging routines could be.

2) Timing is Everything 

All of us will have phases of strife, struggle and therefore finding it extremely hard to go through each other. It takes away the peace of mind leaving us fearful, insecure and offended. Both are accommodating enough to not say things that are putting relationship in a spot of bother for having to avoid further tension and bitterness.

Therefore if the relationship has suffered for the lack of communication  – New Year is a great opportunity to strike back strong and set a resolution to speak and not to go to sleep with fights unsorted.

Remember: any thing unspoken or ignored earlier would bounce back invariably and if that happens then the damage is done.

3) Be Kind and Respectful 

Sometimes in a relationship words hurt more than a knife can. It’s important to choose words carefully and making sure that the context is never lost in the conversation at any given point in time. Learn to hold the dice and wait for the right time.

Listen more than you speak and do not speak more than necessary while in an argument. It’s a responsibility and a decision to use language that’s not inflating a particular situation and try and win the argument with aggressive behaviours.

In the New Year one of the resolutions that can magically enhance your relationship – is a decision that one needs to ask himself or herself the question before accusing your partner of being less than kind and respectful.

4) Truth and Dare for a Fantastic Sex life 

One of the great signs of a healthy relationship is to energise each other through knowing more about his/her fantasies and sexual preferences. Every individual have sexual fantasies and its a good idea to commit to share with each other.

What turns you on! Do not leave it to the other person’s imaginations and then feel disappointed in him or her. When it comes to sensual relationship, there is no script, no storyline, no dialogues, just pure pleasure of being beautifully in sync.

If you haven’t yet explored the liberated yourselves – then let this New Year be the time to resolve to seek some raw and real attraction with bringing in some dare!

5) Manifest Desire and Gratitude

It’s so normal to get stuck in the rut of your daily routines and get consumed in pursuing personal goals so much that the couples start to live an isolated life from being inclusive.

This New year- do a spectacular job of complementing each other and supporting eachothers aspirations. Its good to create an atmosphere of constant encouragement and  compliments. If you do so negativity, bitterness and offences can never take root.

It’s great to have what’s there and not lose it for a view of what’s not there yet! Last but the least – most wonderful resolution is to live in gratitude and show as much desire for each other for an extraordinary 2019. 


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