The Modern Monk. Making wisdom, entertaining.

Meet Jay Shetty. An award winning host, storyteller and a viral content creator.

Making the complicated, uncomplicated.

When you see Jay Shetty, there is something so ‘genuine’ about him. Jay comes across as a calm person with an extremely good heart or in better words- ‘beautiful heart’. His words are caring and gentle. His message is clear. His eyes – ‘mesmerising’.

The most important question in life-
is ‘life’ itself.

Life is such a short word, but it is so complex. People take years and years to understand and decode life. But as you would agree, the more we try to understand life, the more we get entangled in it. We need someone to show us the way, to put us on the right path and solve our problems.

Life- simple yet complicated

Jay Shetty opens the doors to wisdom for you. He is the guiding light who shows you the way if you feel lost. Jay explains every hard-to-understand problem in life; he then interprets it and elucidates it.

Words of wisdom

Rewinding the video of his life.

The chubby kid who didn’t fit-

Jay was born and raised in London. He was shy and an introvert.
That’s hard to believe when you see his videos now- the way he interacts with others and hosts shows and delivers motivational speeches.

Jay not only had weight issues but he was also labelled as a ‘nerdy kid’. Which is why the other kids bullied him. But Jay never let these incidents affect him.

As a teenager, he behaved the way teens would. Jay experimented with the good and the bad. It is said that he was fed up of being ‘good’.

Jay wanted thrill in his life and this behaviour got him suspended from school- not once or twice but on multiple occasions.Jay was trying to find his identity.

What’s my identity?

When death makes you feel alive.

When Jay was 16, he lost two of his best friends- one in a car accident and the other due to gang violence. Tragedy sometimes makes us see life through different eyes. In these tragic events Jay realised how precious life is and what a blessing it is to be alive.  This made him find a deeper purpose and meaning.

The Monk Effect.

When he was 18, Jay met a Monk and that’s when his life changed. So did his perspective. Instead of giving importance to money, fame and power, Jay started redefining his goals in life. He wanted to live a life of service. After graduation, he went to live as a monk across India and Europe. He said that he traded his suits for robes; he shaved his head and lived out of a gym locker for 3 years.

Life as a Monk

The road to renunciation is never smooth.

The journey was hard. But that didn’t stop Jay. He meditated for 4 to 8 hours a day. He experimented by pushing his body to experience the extreme- with water and food fasts to train his mind. He practiced in harsh environments- both hot and cold. He learnt ancient practices of breath and mind control. He studied philosophies and sciences of the east. And learnt how to use these learnings and make connections and create messages for the modern world. 

He spent half a day on his personal growth and the other half was devoted to help others. For about
3 years, Jay helped in whichever way he could- he build sustainable villages, he distributed over
1 million meals per day and coached millennials across the world.

The Monk who Motivated.

Jay moved back with his parents in London and had no money with him. He had been out of touch from the real world and it took him 9 months to update himself. The silver lining was that Jay’s friends from business school began inviting him to speak at their companies– as they were undergoing high amounts of pressure and stress at work and the problems of stress needed to be addressed.

Inspiring with words

When teachings go digital.

Knowledge should never go waste. What Jay had learnt when he was a Monk; it was time to apply the insights to the workplace.

Jay realised the importance of being on a digital platform. He went on to become Accenture’s Social Media coach for executives’ online branding and
digital strategy.

On the road to digital fame.

Jay’s videos were spotted by none other than Arianna Huffington.

She invited Jay to be the host of HuffPost Lifestyle in New York. For this, Jay had to move to New York in the year 2016. After working with HuffPost, Jay moved on. He created his own viral video agency and wanted to grow his brand. Jay made short videos on different subjects. His style of inspiring people with simple words caught people’s attention. His fan base started to increase.

Holding the key to success.

Jay has worked with the most iconic and popular brands one can think of. He has been invited to keynote at leading companies including Google, L’Oreal, Facebook, Coca Cola, HSBC, EY, Microsoft and Accenture.
In 2016 he won the ITV Asian Media Award for Best Blog and came
3rd in the Guardian Rising Star Award in 2015.

Key to happiness

The Highlights: Jay was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30

Jay’s daily show HuffPost Live #FollowTheReader, where he interviewed Russell Brand, Tim Ferriss and Deepak Chopra, reached 1 million
people daily.

Jay aims to share knowledge at the pace we want entertainment, something he likes to call “making wisdom go viral.”

He has created content for and partnered with Snapchat, Facebook, National Geographic, Nasdaq and HuffPost to name a few.

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