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Meet Vamsi Krishna, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Vedantu, the interactive online tutoring platform for students.

Vedantu offers individual and group classes delivered by experienced teachers in a LIVE real-time, virtual learning environment. It was co-founded by Vamsi Krishna along with his two IITian friends Pulkit Jain and Anand Prakash who are teachers themselves at Vedantu.

Vedantu is virtually different

Vedantu is trying to connect teachers with kids!

The kids can directly get in touch with their teachers online.There is one to one learning which can happen anytime, anywhere. The course content is personalised and can be accessed from even the remotest of parts of India.

DKODING | Reaching even the remotest of parts of India

The most valuable gift you can give a kid is education

Education is the birthright of every child!

Everyone should have access to education and denying education to anyone would mean subtracting from a country’s pool of knowledge. Education always makes one a better person.

DKODING | Kids love to learn and it is their birthright

It empowers you to do good for the society and contribute to its growth. It makes you more confident, helps in better judgement and shapes your personality. It gives you the power to communicate better. Because education is so important, teachers are held in high esteem and are respected. Not many of us can become a teacher. It requires patience, the will to share what you know, determination and commitment.

There is so much to learn, but there is no one to teach

DKODING | Vamsi Krishna- the best teacher ever!

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world after China. Exploding population comes with its share of the problem. Illiteracy is believed to be the root cause and bed of every problem. And with so many kids being born, education as a ‘birthright’ has just become a ‘mere word’ where no action is taken to fulfill this promise. There is a dearth of teachers. Without a teacher, a school is just a building with four walls. It is said that school is a temple and teacher is God.

Lakshya was born. So illiteracy could die.

The Founders Vamsi Krishna, Anand Prakash and Pulkit Jain rolled out their first venture in education, Lakshya, in 2006 which later got acquired by a listed company called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials) in 2012. Their only motive was to make education available even in the remotest of parts of India.

The online that was born offline.

In 2012, after almost 7 years after starting Lakshya and scaling it to over 4 locations, with 60 teachers catering to over 3000 students annually, they wanted to touch the lives of more kids. In 2012, Lakshya was acquired by a listed company called MT Educare (Mahesh Tutorials) in 2012 which paved the way for a bigger venture in Vedantu. And it is a venture that was born not on any paper, but near the crashing waves.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

God can only show you the right way. He cannot come down and teach. So, when you as a human being, have all the will to teach and educate, then everything in life falls in place beautifully. Even the stars realign to bring you luck.

DKODING | Vedantu Founders (from left) Pulkit Jain, Anand Prakash and Vamsi Krishna

And that’s when destiny sent three friends to Goa.

Three friends – Anand, Pulkit and Vamsi – took a trip to Goa knowing little that they were going to invent something big soon. As they were holidaying, the friends realised they needed to start something of their own.

Vedantu was born on the beaches of Goa.

In the words of Vamsi in one of the interviews, “Sometime in 2005, when we were sitting by one of the beaches in Goa, we were discussing something together. The idea was to bring about a positive change in education at a place where there was no facility. Hence, in 2006 we started our journey in education as teachers from a very small rural place in Punjab, Northern India. Our first venture in education was born – Lakshya.”

“We never knew teaching would be so satisfying. It was a life-transforming experience altogether. The satisfaction to have done something for a student who can transform their lives forever.”

Those who have been taught, don’t want to teach.

Vamsi Krishna and his friends noticed that not many wanted to take up teaching as a profession. Parents don’t always encourage their children to become teachers as it is not lucrative enough. There needed to be a change and that is when Lakshya and later Vedantu came into being. Hence, Vamsi wanted to evolve the way teaching has been happening for decades and wanted to magnify the importance of a role of a teacher in our society.

Teaching should get an ‘A’.

‘A’ccessibility is the most important factor in education. In small places, accessibility to good education becomes a huge issue. In a country like India, there are places where there are kids, but there are no roads or travel seems to be a huge issue for some. Vedantu filled this gap between the student and the teacher by making education available online and easily accessible to all.

DKODING | Vedantu reaches the unreachable

Nothing can beat the 1 to 1 ratio.

Every kid learns at his/her own pace. ‘One Size Fits All’ doesn’t apply anymore! We all need mentors who can guide and teach the kids at a pace they can cope up with. Finding such mentors is not easy and especially finding one close to us becomes a major task.

Vedantu is the answer and is a one-to-one online tutoring platform for the student- which is easily accessible, offers simpler content and that too at the click of the button.

Net, the new audio-visual book.

Online tutoring in Vedantu is offered from 6th class onwards. Kids these days are tech-savvy and know their way through the net. They can absorb and retain information faster than ever. Students are comfortable with android devices.

DKODING | Vedantu- The online book

Vedantu. Not just another pea from the pod.

Vedantu, being distinctive from the competition is India’s leading and ONLY LIVE interactive online tutoring platform for students, offers individual and group classes delivered by experienced teachers in a LIVE real-time, virtual learning environment.

The School of Thought for the coming years.

Students also access content, take assessments and get their learning report on the platform. No other platform in India offers this end-to-end integrated experience. ‘Live connection’ with teachers anytime anywhere is what differentiates Vedantu. The LIVE connection is made possible by the sophisticated WAVE technology that connects students and teachers.

India’s tutoring market is slated to keep growing by more than 40 Billion by the end of 2019.

With ‘net’ being an integral part of kids’ lives, online tutoring is the way forward for students and parents alike. It comes with personal attention.

DKODING | Choosing online mentors

Vamsi Krishna says to young entrepreneurs and the start-ups “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” So, strive for the sky and think out of the box, as there are immense scope and opportunity for you, especially in our country where even the government is supporting start-ups and their ambitions.

Good deeds are always rewarded.

DKODING | Funding the good

Vedantu raised a funding of $5 Million from Beijing based education and technology enterprise, TAL Education Group. TAL has chosen Vedantu to enter the Indian education market. The investment was a part of the $11 Million round of funding that the firm raised last November in a Series B funding led by Omidyar Network and Accel.

“Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.”

– Robert Noyce, Intel Co-Founder

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