The man behind the phone’s front cam

Meet Bhuvan Bam. The creator of the million dollar baby: BB ki Vines.

He has reached 13M followers on YouTube. And is still growing exponentially.

LOL – lots of love and lots of laugh

India has given many YouTubers to the world. And an even bigger audience. Some of these YouTubers have made it to the Top Charts with out-of-the-world ideas to share with the world.

If you are an Indian youth with an internet connection, there is probably no way you haven’t heard about BB ki Vines’.

Bhuvan Bam can be described in many words – he is a singer, a songwriter, a comedian and a YouTube personality. He won the award for the ‘Most popular channel’ on YouTube at the WebTVAsia Awards in 2016.

Passion gave him what mark sheets never could

Bhuvan was never a studious kid. And today, he stands at 13M YouTube followers (as of April 2019). He compensated for his academic mark sheets in his fan mark sheet.

He scored 74% in his 12th boards. The excuse he gave himself to avoid studies came in the form of drop-outs who made it big. But, as told to a leading newspaper in an interview, he was not ready to take the risk of dropping out. Bhuvan goes on to tell that he “studied day and night, scored nearly 75% and made it to a decent college.”

Goal digger bano gold digger nahi!” –
Bhuvan Bam

He graduated from Shaheed Bhagat Singh college, Delhi University.(Did you know that Sidharth Malhotra is an alumni too?!). It was just before joining college, that he discovered his passion for music and trained for it.

While most of the students were in a state of uncertainty in this career-defining-phase; Bhuvan chose to go against the wind and calmly pursue his discovered passion.

Stringing to his own tunes

No cares in this world

BB started playing at restaurants and bars while pursuing History Hons. His parents were totally against the idea of him singing in front of an audience who didn’t even listen. It took a lot of effort and persistence from Bhuvan’s end to convince them that he was serious about the idea and had it in him the patience to make it successful. Further, he moved on to composing his own songs!

Flooded with sarcasm

His first steps into BB ki Vines started after he saw a reporter asking an absurd question from a mother who had just lost her son in Jammu floods, ‘How do you feel, that you’ve lost your son?’

It was an insensitive question to ask at the queerest of times. Bhuvan was moved to make a 15-second satire video of the incident. He posted it on facebook. And the video went viral overnight.

YouTube millionaire with zero investment

To differentiate his talent of music and comedy, Bhuvan created a separate page for his comedy videos. He made his debut on YouTube in June 2015. It is hard to imagine today that his first YouTube video ‘The Chakkna Issue‘ could not even get 20 views.

What’s more interesting is that his YouTube channel became a hit in Pakistan, Dubai and Bangladesh way before it became a craze among Indians. We wonder what took so long for a home-cooked meal to reach home.

An all-in-one arrangement

The videos BB puts up are 2 to 8 minutes long.

Shooting with a phone cam

They are based on the day-to-day life of an urban teenager named ‘Bhuvan’. He himself plays all the characters of the teenager’s family and his videos are zero investment.

Whether it be Bancho, Sameer foodie, BB, Babloo ji, Babli sir, Mr. Hola or Titu mama, all the characters are played with quality precision with a perfect mix of funny face expressions and good content.

What makes his videos stand out is the fact that the audience can relate to the content in them.

When Hindi became the new English

As told to Quartz India, when he started out, there was a dearth of humor videos targeting the common Hindi-speaking man. TVF and AIB (the then big names in YouTube comedy) were the cups of tea for English speaking audience only. This language barrier became the kink on his graph to success.

After his popularity rose, he associated with TVF on many projects. We wonder what it would have been like to work with the beasts of the time when he had just started out.

Swearing by his work

BB is widely criticised for the raw use of cuss words in his vines. But he boldly replies to all the comments by pointing out that this is how people talk in real life; he is doing nothing different.

His fans seem to agree with him. And it shows in the numbers of his growing audience!

Famous and how!

People believe in one less thing, he believes in one more

Last year, BB co-produced and acted in a short movie: Plus Minus. He is seen alongside the ageless beauty Divya Dutta who also mentored him through the project.

BB’s short movie PLUS MINUS

This mini movie even won the People’s Choice Award for the Best Film at the Filmfare Short Films Awards. Such is his fans’ love!

After Diamond, will it be Ruby

Now that he has got a diamond play button from YouTube for crossing the 10M subscribers mark, we are waiting to see if he becomes the first individual Indian to get the Ruby Play button.

With his locks, his guitar and his figure-out-along-the-way attitude, Bhuvan Bam has come one long mile. His story’s message inspires the Indian youth to keep racing after their goals with shatterproof patience. And one is bound to get inspired by this 24-year old who advices to “Keep it original”.

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