Passionate Executor, Visionary Leader and ‘Future of India’

Great leaders are not dependent on designations and titles. They inspire and drive the people around them with their personal passion and commitment, and deliver exceptional results. Anurag Thakur is one such extraordinary leader, who heralds a bright future, not just for Himachal Pradesh but ‘India’Deepak Kaistha 

Politicians who make empty promises to fulfil their shallow objectives are a dime a dozen…But there are precious few Political Leaders like BJP MP Anurag Thakur, who show total commitment to their work and firmly believe in delivering results for their people.

This young, dynamic and dedicated politician is a three-time MP from the Hamirpur constituency in Himachal Pradesh. He is also the first ever National President of the Bharatihya Janata Yuva Morcha to serve for three consecutive terms2010, 2013 and 2014.

Anurag Thakur | DKODING Magazine
Anurag Thakur | DKODING Magazine

Anurag won the Best Young Parliamentarian award in 2011, and was designated as a Young Global Leader 2014′ by the World Economic Forum. Besides this, he was also part of the Financial Times ‘25 Indians to Watch’ list and India Today  has described him as one of the ‘Navratna’s of Narendra Modi. As a Parliamentarian, Anurag is known for his exceptional attendance record and active involvement in debates on burning issues.

Anurag’s first love in life was cricket. He was part of the U-19 team that played against England and Delhi and Patiala. He was also the Captain of the Punjab U-19 and North Zone U-19 cricket teams that won the All India Championship. He has been part of cricket administration since 2000, when he became President of the HPCA. Therein, he became the youngest person to head a state cricket association.

Anurag became Joint Secretary in 2001 and was even elected BCCI president for a brief period. In 2016, this patriotic son of the soil became the first serving BJP MP to join the Territorial Army.

The outcome of his vision and steadfast commitment to cricket and his home state is visible in the picturesque world class cricket stadium at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

Dharamshala stadium
is regarded as the best stadium in India, both aesthetically and in terms of facilities. Anurag’s active involvement was pivotal in completion of this grand project. Anurag has been deeply involved in the development of stadiums, playgrounds and sports facilities in the state.

Besides this, Anurag has ensured overall development of his constituency through various projects ranging from railway, roads & national highways connectivity to opening of bank branches, school & college, medical facilities and counting.

He has also leveraged his funds under Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) to build community centres, mahilamandal bhavans, yuvakmandalbhawan, sarais, path/link roads and solar lighting for his constituency. Anurag has organised several job fairs for unemployed youth and continues to facilitate them outside the state.

Honour Our Women (HOW) Foundation | Anurag Thakur | DKODING

Anurag is also recognized for his spectacular performance as a social reformer. He is the Founder of the Honour Our Women (HOW) Foundation. This foundation works towards creation of social awareness about women’s issues, safety and empowerment with involvement of relevant stakeholders.

Given his leadership credentials and performance record, Anurag Thakur is expected to be a frontrunner in the political arena in his home state. The people of Himachal Pradesh need leaders like him to guide them to a bright and prosperous tomorrow.


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