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How #MiFan Manu Kumar Jain Disrupted Disruption to Touch A Million Lives

Manu Kumar Jain entered the Indian market when it was ready to take on the global sensation of ‘internet’, years later he is credited with building two super brands: First Jabong and now Xiaomi.

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Manu Kumar Jain is one of the best marketers in the country today

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‘Ambition is the path to success and persistence is its true vehicle’, these words well define the works and stance of Manu Kumar Jain in the technology-based world of today. Those of you who are unaware, Manu Kumar Jain is currently the Managing Director of Xiaomi India and Vice President of Xiaomi. He was also the company’s first Indian recruitment to hold such an important position.  

Manu Kumar Jain is at the forefront of Xiaomi’s climb to the top in the Indian market.

Under his leadership, the brand broke the barrier of Chinese identity and emerged as the most preferred and highest-selling brand. Before Xiaomi, he was also one of the founding members of ‘Jabong’, a startup that managed to redefine how clothes and other accessories are bought and sold in India.

Disrupting Market Barriers

As of now, the market scene seems quite buoyant for Xiaomi. It has been flourishing by leaps and bounds. But, it was always not so.

Disrupoting Disruption Manu Kumar Jain dkoding

In a market environment that seemed completely negative for Chinese goods due to their quality, reputation and after-sales concerns; the brand was predicted to be doomed in its first series itself.

The market had to be deeply studied, understood and a newer reputation had to be built that would inspire user confidence and thus sales.

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Manu Jain took reins, cleared the negative air and built a solid customer base for the brand. And in a manner, such that (unbelievable it had seemed back then!) it is now the No.1 selling smart-phone brand in India, even surpassing Samsung and iPhone numbers.


Trained to Transcript Success

Manu Kumar in himself is a success story worth inspiration to millions. He has not built his insight and mindset in a day. Moreover, it has taken years of hard-work and eons of excellence to achieve the market positioning he enjoys today.

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Manu Kumar Jain was meant to reach these heights and his life’s track record proves it. He was a tech genius who first entered IIT Delhi to gain engineering expertise. Thereafter, he joined ‘Headstrong’ (under Genpact now) for a small period of 2 years. Later, he developed his business acumen at IIM Calcutta. Acing premier Indian institutes meant that there was never a work dearth for his brilliant mind.

He then joined ‘McKinsey and company’ for five straight years and gained insightful work experience with various business verticals.

Previous Exploits and Xiaomi Entry

As they say (it may sound cliche though!) that, ‘ an idea can change your life’. Jabong became Manu Jain’s idea to change his life as well as the Indian markets forever.

xiomi Managing director dkoding

This startup of online retail actually changed the way India shops. Its look, feel and technology was far ahead of its time and the company heralded a new era of internet sales.

With founders like Manu Kumar Jain at the helm, the Jabong went on to clock record-breaking sales and valuations.

However, he left this brainchild of his at a very high point in 2014. Manu Jain found newer challenges to take on during a backpacking trip to China. It included launch and setup of a new Chinese smartphone brand, Xiaomi in a classic traditionalist Indian market. So, Manu Kumar Jain became the first and the only Indian honcho at the company. With his knowledge, market insights and techniques he made the company a household name.

Video Credits: Manu Jain

The Marketing Honcho

Manu Jain became one of the earliest Indian managers who gauged the futuristic trends. Before, the marketing tends at that time solely revolved around television advertisements and celebrity endorsements. As a marketing manager, he wanted his products to speak in the market, rather than a well-known face speaking for it.

Manu Jain believed in building and promoting a brand by the loyalty of its true end users. And, the internet became the best mode for the same.

‘Jabong’ was also built on these lines. The founders made and launched the brand on the internet through an application, without any celebrity endorsements. They had no show-rooms and thus, minimal overheads. The profits were then transferred to the customers in the form of higher discounts. Hence, this new concept built a regular clientele for the platform.

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This clientele then endorsed the brand forward in terms of word of mouth and reviews. The company’s innovative strategies launched a new era of online shopping with cash on delivery and easy return options. But most of all, Manu Jain was their marketing superhero who had created a success story without investing in huge funds for the same. As a result, he went on to become their managing director as well for two years.

Revolutionizing the Smartphone Industry

Jani was always looking out for challenges and newer adventures. Consequently, Xiaomi approached Jain and presented a newer challenge. He had to helm the marketing of a new smart-phone brand in a market that more or less bore a negative mindset for its source.

Manu Jain was the genius Indian mind who launched the brand through online retail platforms with minimalist overheads and let the product speak for itself.

As a result, market demand increased by leaps and bounds and fan-base multiplied within a few weeks. Thereafter, the brand transferred the value saved to the end-user. So, the result was world-class products at low market prices.

For those who think corporate businesses are monotonous to work, Manu Kumar Jain has been a technologist, an innovator, a manager,  an image and brand creator, a marketer, a leader, a social influencer with promotions like ‘CUPA’ (Mi campaign to re-home abandoned dogs); all at the same time. Thus, this is multi-tasking, prioritizing and strategizing done well.

Moreover, the brilliance of mind and work-tactics seem to come naturally to this incredible leader.

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