Read on, weigh the facts and give your own verdict. 

If a woman is beautiful and sexy, we all are quick to label her. Many questions cross our minds. Is she really intelligent? She’s just gorgeous and nothing else. And if it is super celebrity like Kim Kardashian West, we are quicker to write her off as a queen of beauty and glamour

But that’s shallow thinking and we are all a party to it. No and there is nothing unlawful that Kim has done. She is very much a law-abiding citizen.


But this time we are proud of what Kim is doing. Made you sit up, didn’t it?

When we made a statement that she has taken law in her own hands – weren’t we all judging her again.


You can never hide the truth. The fact is that Kim Kardashian West in an interview with Vogue discussed her plans about becoming a lawyer. Kimis getting featured in Vogue’s May cover. In the interview she said:

“I had to think long and hard about this.” She stated. 

Beauty regime takes a backseat

The 38 year oldis studying 18 hours a week to prepare to take the bar exam and wants to become a lawyer as early as 2022. 

She juggles her work and her studying . She is also taking out tie from her busy schedule and filming for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. If this was not enough, she is simultaneously working on her beauty business and taking care of her family.

Published on TIME | 11th April 2019

Charged with Compassion and proud of it

The reality star began a four-year apprenticeshipwith a law firm in San Francisco last summer. She opened up about her new passion and revealed that she was inspired to become a lawyer after helping to release Alice Marie Johnsonin June 2018. The 63-year-old Alabama womanwas serving a life term to nonviolent drug charge, but Kim pressed President Donald Trump, 72, to grant her clemency and he agreed.

This was the turning point for Kim. She realized that she wanted to know more about the legal system. At Discussing her decision to venture into a law career, she told US Vogue,

“The White House called me to advise to help change the system of clemency and I’m sitting in the Roosevelt Room with, like, a judge who had sentenced criminals and a lot of really powerful people and I just sat there, like, Oh, shit. I need to know more.”

“I would say what I had to say, about the human side and why this is so unfair. But I had attorneys with me who could back that up with all the facts of the case. It’s never one person who gets things done; it’s always a collective of people, and I’ve always known my role, but I just felt like I wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society.”

Kim Kardashian

“I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more,” Kim added.

Kim has been building up her case

Since then, Kardashianhas been working with lawyers and activists, including Van Jones, on a national bipartisan advocacy group on criminal justice reform.

“It’s never one person who gets things done, it’s always a collective of people, and I’ve always known my role, but I just felt like I wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society.” 


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian knew people would accuse her. Eyebrows will be raised.  

Somewhere this question too rattled us. She is a celebrity. She can do anything she wants. Is the law equal for all? Doesn’t she have to go to regular law college? 

DKODING | Kim Kardashian

And we are sure Kim Kardashian too was troubled by these questions and knew they would arise. 

Kim kardashian posted on Instagram earlier this week, stating that her move into law is nothing to do with privilege or money.

In the post she wrote,

“I’ve seen some comments from people who are saying it’s my privilege or my money that got me here, but that’s not the case. One person actually said I should ‘stay in my lane”.

Everyone has the RIGHT to dream

“I want people to understand that there is nothing that should limit your pursuit of your dreams, and the accomplishment of new goals. You can create your own lanes, just as I am. The state bar doesn’t care who you are, said Kim Kardashian. 

She is doing everything by the book 

This option is available to anyone whose state allows it. It’s true that Kim did not finish college. One needs 60 college credits (She had 75) to take part in ‘reading the law’, which is an in office law school being apprenticed by lawyers.

Californiais one of four statesthat allows someone an alternate method to take the bar examother than attending law school. Kardashian West’sinterest in the law will see her follow in the footsteps of her father Robert Kardashian, who was a member of OJ Simpson’s defense team.

Many of us will definitely be assuming that there is an easy way out. But there isn’t Kim says. She apparently spends her weekends away from her case as she spends time reading and studying. 

Published on RT America | 11th April 2019

Conclusive evidence that Kim is serious about law 

This is what she has to say to a leading magazine:

“There are times I feel overwhelmed and when I feel like I can’t do it but I get the pep talks I need from the people around me supporting me. I changed my number last year and disconnected from everyone because I have made this strict commitment to follow a dream of mine – It’s never too late to follow your dreams.”

KIM, don’t listen to what people are saying. You are free to study and pursue your dreams. You are doing nothing wrong. And we are DKODING this for you on record. 



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