Huma Qureshi: Breaking stereotypes all the way

Huma Qureshi, with her simplistic beauty and charm, has been soothing our senses for more than half a decade now.

This Delhi girl is fearless when it comes to choosing characters to play or speaking her mind out. Huma effortlessly transcends from being a naive local girl vicariously living her life through Bollywood films to being a distraught mother searching for her child in a dystopian world.

And it is these attributes which makes her one of the most respected actresses in recent years. But all this success didn’t come easy for Huma. Read on to find out more about how this simple girl turned into a Bollywood diva.

It All Began With

Coming from a humble family of a restaurateur father and a housewife mother, Huma Saleem Qureshi and her brother Saqib Saleem were always fascinated with the world of arts and theatres.

DKODING | Huma Qureshi

After completing her graduation in History Honours from DU, Qureshi joined a theatre group called Act 1 under the mentorship of N.K. Sharma, the man who also trained gems like Manoj Bajpai and Deepak Dobriyal. It was then that she realized her destiny and started her pursuit to become an actress.

Taste of Defeat?

DKODING | Huma Qureshi

After working in several theatrical productions while in Delhi, Huma moved  to Mumbai after a friend convinced her to audition for a film called Junction which was supposed to be her debut film in Bollywood. But destiny had another route set for Ms. Qureshi as the film never hit the ground.

“I never thought of coming to Mumbai or being an actress. But when my friend called me for an audition for a movie called Junction, it set me thinking. Sadly, the film never got made”- Huma Qureshi.

DKODING | Huma Qureshi

But like the strong characters she portrays on screen, Huma didn’t sit back and lament over the might-have-beens.

Brand Ambassador

Out of work but not hope, Huma never let defeat bring her down. Her struggle continued unabated till she got to sign up for commercials. If your memory serves you well, you might recall her face in many advertisements in the late 2000s including Wild Stone, Nerolac paints, and quite many others.

Though it was a humble beginning, Huma kept her chin up and went with the flow. With her beauty and grace, she soon became a familiar face on television. But it was not just the TV audience she got the attention of.

DKODING | Huma Qureshi

Twist Of Fate

While her brother Saqib Saleem already made his debut with Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, Huma was still struggling to earn her name in Bollywood. But Huma knew her acting chops would not be limited to just adverts.

Fortunately, Anurag Kashyap thought that too when he decided to cast her in his next venture after noticing her during the shoot of an ad for Samsung Mobile.

DKODING | Huma Qureshi

“I didn’t believe him then. You hear lots of such stories in this industry, so I wasn’t waiting with bated breath”- Huma Qureshi

But Kashyap soon proved her apprehensions wrong by signing her for a three-film contract. And thus began her odyssey to stardom.


DKODING | Huma Qureshi

Huma finally made her debut in 2012 in Kashyap’s masterpiece Gangs Of Wasseypur. Though the film had no shortage of colourful characters, Huma’s portrayal of Mohsina, a girl living in her own world of Bollywood stars and love stories, took the nation by storm.

Her dialogues were quoted by the girls and her beauty swept the boys off their feet.  Her performance was so Powerful that acclaimed director Govind Nihalani compared her to the legend herself, Smita Patil.

Her next, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana was also a commercial success with Huma’s performance as the fiery Punjaban, Harman stole our hearts. It was all wheels turning for Huma from then on as she gave back to back commercially successful films like Ek Thi Daayan, Jolly LLB 2 and Badlapur all of which displayed Huma’s versatility as an artist.

The Road Ahead

2019 is Huma’s year as she’s totally going to rule the roost. She is already getting praised for her performance as a mother in search of her daughter while the nation burns under a totalitarian government in Netflix’s Leila. The series is being loved by both critics and audiences alike and Huma has been gathering praises from everywhere.

She’s also confirmed to be on board in an international project with the 300 director Zack Snyder in the Zombie apocalypse film, Army Of The Dead which is set to release this year itself.

Additionally, director Sanjay Gupta has already casted Qureshi opposite John Abraham for his next venture, Mumbai Saga. But that’s not all.

It seems that the Gangs Of Wasseypur trio is going to team up once again as Huma will be seen opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Ghoomketu along with Anurag Kashyap himself playing a major character.

Breaking Stereotypes

DKODING | Huma Qureshi

Though Huma’s beauty is adored by many young fans all around the country, she is against the idea of having the perfect, hourglass body. “Indian women are born with natural curves” she says and is quite proud to flaunt her own. According to the Dedh Ishqiya actress, one should not be ashamed of their body and should embrace it as it is. We couldn’t agree more Ms. Qureshi.

All In All

Everyone’s journey has its own bumps and curves and so did Huma’s. But it was her sheer will, skill, and bravado that helped Huma carve her own path. Huma Qureshi is an example of how talent and skills can never get undermined. The girl came from nowhere and became a sensation that left everyone begging for more.

Big things do have small beginnings and it is her willingness to look past the size of the role she chooses which makes Huma Qureshi one of the most preferred artists in Bollywood today. And with the pace she’s moving ahead, there’s no stopping her!

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