How everything changed for Virat Kohli ‘The King of Cricket’ – after that day…

Virat Kohli The Best Batsman in History of Cricket: An ICON who is the epitome of determination, commitment and ever-growing finesse – The King Kohli is one name which is a synonym of cricket.

The one name which is chanted breathlessly and echoes loudly in a stadium blinded by lights. Virat Kohli is an umatched and the best batsman which is no doubt-marking its way to be the New GOD of Cricket.

“Great people aren’t born great. They grow great.”

Don Vito Corleone

Success doesn’t come easy and it surely doesn’t come without hustle. Virat’s entry into the world of sixes and fours is also one great narration of hustle, getting up after being punched and of sheer perseverance even if the world turns its eyes from him.

His extraordinariness is further testified by the highest civilian honours like the Arjuna award, Padma Shri and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.

The Game

Embarking on his journey at the mere age of nine with a strong mindset, Virat went on to become one of the world’s most famous athletes by ESPN. The spotlight which made a young 18-year-old Kohli shine through was when he decided to play for Delhi team against Karnataka a day after his father passed away. This act of great commitment to the team took him notches above his competition and marked him in the great names to be featured in the golden future of cricket.  

“Virat changed a bit after that day. Overnight he became a much more matured person. It’s as if his life hinged totally on cricket after that day. Now, he looked like he was chasing his father’s dream which was his own too.”

– Saroj Kohli, Virat’s mother.

Post this milestone; there was no looking back for the superlative cricketer. He led the under-19 Indian cricket team to marvelous victory in the world cup 2008, which was a golden return of the title to India after eight years. There is no stopping to this exceptional treasure of talent. He went on to achieve victories after victories and conquered the world of cricket with his ever aggressive and relentless strike.

The first ever 3 times Wisden leading cricketer of the year and the two-time title holder of ICC cricketer of the year- Virat Kohli is the unbelievable feat in the history of cricket.


But the most gloried feather in his hat so far is his record of staggering 40 centuries, just a shy away from Sachin’s world record of 49 centuries which he managed to conquer in his entire career. Virat, on the other hand, has just completed his first phase in career and the dynamic cricketer is yet to reach the peak of his career.

The Leadership

Being given the wheel of the ship of Indian cricket in 2017, the now captain has marvelously proved his mettle as a phenomenal personality in the new age athletic arena. It’s an acceptable fact that being a captain of the team isn’t all that alluring to a cricket player and even the extraordinary luminaries like Sachin Tendulkar has refrained from taking the role as the responsibility comes with a risk of affecting the player’s game.

But under Virat, the team blue is blazing with energy-infused under his assertive and bold captainship.


And this was proven in 2018-19 when the fiery captain led India to their maiden test series victory against Australian on their own home ground for the first time ever in the history of cricket.

All hail the Kohli!

The Brand

His trajectory doesn’t just end at the world of wickets and cricket. The ever-restless achiever has dabbled in various commercial ventures around sports, lifestyle, and apparel. And no doubt, all of them are success stories and Virat has emerged as a new entrepreneur on rise.

Regardless to say Virat Kohli isn’t just a name in the sports world but a brand in himself. It wasn’t a surprise when he was announced as one of the most valuable athlete brands by Forbes, joining the league of international athletes like Lionel MessiRory McIlroy, and Stephen Curry.

The Fashion Icon


Evolving through the years not just in his game but also as a stylist, he has managed to become a fashion icon for the youth everywhere. Be it his trendy hairstyle or his iconic beard game, he is the most ravishing fashion influencer in the country. Adorning the cover pages of GQ, Forbes, ESPN and tons more, Virat has established his as a quintessential face of fashion.

The term ‘god of cricket’ previously associated with Sachin seems to be aptly shifting to Virat Kohli who has become the undisputed creator, sustainer and destroyer of the gentlemen’s game.

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