Guru Randhawa: The High Rated Gabru Winning Global Hearts

Whether you have met Guru Randhawa personally, or seen him in his many public appearances, it’s hard to miss his charming looks, innocent smile and pleasant demeanour.
DKODING | Guru Randhawa

You may be forgiven for wondering how Guru Randhawa manages to retain his humility and boy-next-door persona, without any starry airs whatsoever. After all, he was only the most watched Indian singer on Youtube in 2018 with over 3 billion views! And not to forget, the only Indian to enter the Billboard Top 25 list with the song Lahore.

But perhaps this very purity of character is what makes Guru Randhawa the sensation he is. Of course, his success also comes from years of hard work, struggle and conviction in his brand of music.

Early Days

Guru Randhawa was born in Nurpur town in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district, and had a strong music sense since childhood. He won the third prize at a singing competition when he was in class 3 for singing five different songs. He started writing songs in class 7.


DKODING | Guru Randhawa

To better understand the essence of business and marketing, Guru did his MBA from IIPM New Delhi. In his initial years, it was particularly hard to network with the right people, even though he had great content. Most studios wanted his songs for free, and he wasn’t willing to make that compromise.

From his first beat…

His first song as a singer was Chadh Gayi with Speed Records in 2013. Although successful, it did not give him the fame he truly deserved.

Then Guru went on to do several stage shows. He even recalls being paid Rs 500 for singing in shows.  However, his song Patola in collaboration with artist Bohemia was a turning point. Then Guru became a singing sensation with songs like Made in India, High Rated Gabru, Lahore, etc.

His singing style mantra

Guru Randhawa followed a different and more effective approach compared to singers who focus on Bollywood music early. He believes that an artist should have his independent standing first. Nevertheless, songs like Suit Suit and Ban jaa tu meri rani cemented his standing in Bollywood in a short span of time.

Guru stays away from the party circuit. He is known to work on his songs in the night and sleep during the day. His songs are a reflection of his personality. While high on the entertainment meter, their lyrics are heart-warming, simple and inspired from everyday life.

Moreover, Guru Randhawa has consciously steered clear of any kind of vulgarity or controversy in his songs. He only wants to create songs that can be enjoyed by the entire family together without any embarrassment. He simply loves connecting to his audience, which is one major reason he likes live shows the most.


DKODING | Guru Randhawa

Let’s talk in numbers

The rise of this ‘High Rated Gabru’ in the world of Punjabi music has brought back a refreshing old world charm, where simplicity, honesty and dignity were the norm. And it’s equally pleasing to see that music lovers across the world are simply loving it. Following are the most viewed songs sung by this amazing personality

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